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Notes and Reviews

This R18/DVD contains hardcore versions of scenes from the Adult Channel series:

  • Berverly's Story - Beverly is Amy... and she has a weird obsession with fruit and veg. This includes demonstrating her blowjob technique and masturbating with a peeled banana and being fucked with a cucumber. Safe sex with Phil and Neil follows. This scene may not have been released in hardcore format before.
  • Paula's Story - Paula is Georgette Neale who wants to be in a porn film and is promptly obliged. Georgette gives a typically slutty performance climaxing with her catching most of Neil's cum in her mouth and playing with it. Condoms used. Scene repackaged from Vol 6.
  • April's Story - Beverley Cocks thinks she is a nymphomaniac and true to this belief she is undoing Phil Mycock's trousers while Dr. Neil is still asking her his initial questions. He persuades her to slow down and let Phil show her how it could be done. There is then a lot of foreplay and slow build up to Phil fucking her from behind while she sucks Neil while he is holding the camera. Phil gives her a facial and then takes over the camera for Neil to continue. Scene repackaged from Vol 3.
  • Lara's Story - Kelly Hearne works in a clothes shop and gets turned on by the idea of women changing in the cubicles. However, this does not turn out to be a lesbian scene. She takes them both on in the shop and gives them both a blowjob at once in a slight variation from the usual pattern. The cumshot is over her behind. Scene repackaged from Vol 5.
  • Lisa's Story - Lisa is a vaguely familiar brunette (tattoo inner left breast) who says virtually nothing (therefore not listed as may not be a Brit). She has a fantasy about sex with a car mechanic. She has sex first with Phil Mycock (dressed as mechanic) amid the cars in a workshop and then with Neil Down. Scene repackaged from Vol 7.

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