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Notes and Reviews

Suzi Jarman is the slut in question and she sits at a desk and reads from a diary to link the scenes. Good choice as she has a very husky and sexy voice.

  • She is house-sitting for a girlfriend, finds dildos in a cupboard and tries them out.
  • She visits Georgie [2] and Dan and uses her new camcorder to film them in action, masturbating and then joining in a bit with the exclusively oral action. Suzi wanks the bloke to a cumshot over Georgie and then licks the cock and Georgie's face and frigs her. The initial acting is stilted here.
  • Suzi watches a porn video featuring Baby and Dirty Dog going at it on a couch, to facial, including dildo.
  • Suzi acts out her fantasy to be a street corner hooker and picks up Randolph File (acting is better here), takes him back to her place and a b/g scene follows including bj, anal and near facial. She looks very horny in her fishnet tights and it is great to see her in full on boy/girl action at last. Though the sex is not the most active one could wish to see, the choice of male performer does fit in with the scenario.

This is one of a promising series, one which uses vignettes rather than gonzo and where the scenes are not boringly long. More please, especially of Suzi Jarman.

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