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running time 59mins

we start with delphine and emily together on a living room couch. after what seems like an eternity (all of two seconds), delphine politely enquires, "can i lick your pussy"? thankfully, emily replies in the affirmative, or it could have been a pretty short show.

delphine starts by caressing her partner but it's not long before she's removing her shorts. she pulls emily's knickers to one side and gets to work (you get the impression that it's the sort of work delphine would be happy to do unpaid). if delphine is on a diet we can only hope that eating pussy is low in calories, otherwise the bathroom scales are in for some punishment!

delphine eventually comes up for air and after a brief stroll down mammary lane, it's emily's turn for some all too brief 'o' level revision, followed by some kissing and caressing. now delphine reaches behind one of the cushions and where you and i would only find some biscuit crumbs and a suspiciously used looking tissue, she manages to conjure up a dildo.

emily works her new toy in and out of delphine with gusto, spurred on by the enthusiastic response she gets. at this stage, both girls still have their knickers on and show no sign of getting them off. some producers seem to think that this enhances the eroticism of a scene but it gets bloody annoying after a while (and it's not easy coming up with fresh excuses for the neighbours when you're screaming "get yer fecking knickers off" night after night).

we are now half way through this hour long show and this is where things start to really take off.

delphine climbs up on the sofa, adopting a kneeling position and presents her gorgeous arse for emily's delectation. emily and delphine herself then both fuck her arse with a small dildo. this is very hot and is enhanced by a satisfying mixture of close up and medium distance shots. things move up yet another gear when delphine decides it's time for some analingus and anal fingering (3 fingers, actually).

i could have watched a lot more of this but things move on and yet another toy makes an appearance. this time it's a double-headed snake type affair, which is greased up and put to work on both pussies. at this point, it has to be said that both girls still have their knickers on. GERREMOFFFERCHRISSAKES!!

next, we have some more kissing and fondling. there doesn't seem to be anything fake about their enjoyment of each other. this seems to be confirmed when delphine makes emily kneel up on the sofa and remove her knickers. AT LAST! after binding emily's wrists together, delphine proceeds to lick the english girl's tight arsehole, with alacrity.

after a while the french girl breaks out the vaseline and starts to work a thumb in and out of the tight entrance. this is all shown in close up and it must be said, emily has a posterior worthy of close scrutiny - very erotic.

satisfied with her preliminary work, delphine whips out her final toy! "what's that?", asks a nervous sounding emily. what it is, is a set of anal beads the size of golf balls! at this point, emily looks like she'd have trouble receiving a malteaser. this seems to be the case when delphine can't push home the first bead, although just seeing her try is exciting, in itself.

eventually, it's mission accomplished, albeit only one of the beads succeeds in gaining access. delphine then inserts a large dildo into emily's pussy while the beads are still hanging out of her arse, but there's really not enough room for both entrances to be worked fully.

this great sequence comes to an end when emily tells delphine, "you've fucked me and now i'm going to fuck you!", which she promptly does after donning a strap-on. seven minutes to go and delphine's panties disappear as if by magic - better late than never, i suppose.

after a bit of silliness in which delphine gives a blow job to the dildo (why?) the scene dissolves...

the ultimate scene has the two girls sitting in a shower cubicle talking about the days exertions. they look sweet together as they indulge in a final spot of necking and then the tape runs out.

this is an excellent show: the girls are well matched and the action is well paced and varied enough to keep the viewers interest throughout. the anal sequences are definite highlights and it would be great to see more such action in british girl/girl material.

if there is a criticism (and there always is) it's that there is too little pussy licking and too much reliance on toys. fingers and tongues are always preferable because their use is sensual for both partners. that is a caveat more than a criticism though, and this is a worthwhile purchase for all girl/girl afficianados.

review by woodgnome

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