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Released: 1970s
Director: John Lindsay
Notes: loop, Taboo, A Karl Ordinez Production, 22 mins.
Notes and Reviews

About 20 minutes long.

The film begins with a newspaper headline - Playboy Released from Jail - and his picture. The youngish playboy (Tim Blackstone), well-dressed with bowtie, is in his chauffeur-driven car on his way to a welcome home party (orgy). The party is well under way by the time he gets there and has his first fuck for 18 months.

Before he arrives, busty black girl (NK0717), a familiar-looking brunette (Rosemary [2]) and a platinum blonde (NK0161) are getting down to it with three men. Four more girls arrive before the playboy and his chauffeur join in - NK0456, NK0458, NK0460 and NK0545. Then the playboy (character name Peter) and his chauffeur arrive and join in - Tim Blackstone with NK0460 and NK0545, NK0458 joins the platinum blonde and her bloke, etc.

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