< Dr. Neil Down Sex Therapist Volume 3

Notes and Reviews
  • "April's Story" - Beverley Cox thinks she is a nymphomaniac and true to this belief she is undoing Phil Mycock's trousers while Dr. Neil is still asking her his initial questions. He persuades her to slow down and let Phil show her how it could be done. There is then a lot of foreplay and slow build up to Phil fucking her from behind while she sucks Neil while he is holding the camera. Phil gives her a facial and then takes over the camera for Neil to continue.
  • "Anne's Story" - Joanne Pauly thinks she is frigid. (This is another scene that should have been included in the series before her scene with Hannah Coleman in Volume 1.) However, she is soon thawed out by Neil Down with Phil on camera. Then they swap places. She takes a facial from Phil while Neil cums over her backside.
  • "Jane's Story" - Erika Winstanley has a fantasy of having sex in front of an audience in a live sex show. The fantasy is supposedly acted out in a bar of a pub, but where is the audience? It would have been a much better scene if there had been one. Apart from the location the scene follows the sequence which is by now well established.

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