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A pretty bespectacled brunette (tattoo behind right shoulder and butterfly tattoo on coccyx) brings her friend (Georgette Neale) home and introduces her to her husband. She encourages Georgette to show hubby her new tits. This leads to groping, an m/f scene then an m/f/f scene. Georgette does her usual spectacular deep throat. Hubby doesn't fuck Georgette at this stage, though he does fuck his wife, but cums over her tits. She transfers his cum to her mouth with her finger.

The two girls go off for a shower and hubby returns to watching the football. Two of his male friends arrive and watch it with him. Then the two girls walk through from the bathroom draped in towels on the way upstairs to the bedroom, but Georgette drops her towel and entices the blokes to follow them. An orgy ensues beginning with a bit of lesbian action. There are various combinations and Georgette takes facials and licks cum off the other girl.

This is quite an arousing film lasting nearly an hour. Georgette is her usual self (and very fine that is) and the other girl is also very attractive.

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