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Notes: Footprint DD2
Notes and Reviews

The same scenario as Volume 1.

  • Jade is Cheryl Roberts - blowjob, various objects as dildo, brief dildo DP, full sex and anal with Karl Gent, blowjob for Dr. Disgusting. Facial
  • Rebecca Irwin comes for an audition as a dancer - there are a couple of exits in response to the relentless groping, including the use of a chocolate finger biscuit as a dildo, before she agrees to do hard core, which she does in schoolgirl uniform with Chris Knight. Facial
  • More mature brunette, busty, dominatrix, may be Jacqueline, is dominated herself eventually and takes on two men, anal, two facials
  • Jane is Amanda Pickering (better acting from her here than in Assassins). While she is being "interviewed" by Dr. Disgusting (usual groping, resisted) a black bloke wanders behind the sofa reading a book. She is eventually persuaded to give him a blowjob and this proceeds to full sex, anal and facial

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