< Dreams of Pamela

Notes: Canamax VS141
  • Mandy as Pamela Lee, blonde
Notes and Reviews

(Canamax, directed by Phil McCavity, very poor picture quality on the copy from Euroflex)

Mandy (as Pamela Lee with blonde hair) and two middle-aged men.

Pamela is a schoolgirl visiting Edinburgh during the Festival. There is much time spent showing her wandering round the city wheeling a bike. She goes to an agency to find a hotel room and there is then a dream sequence of a sex scene between her and the middle-aged man at the agency. At the hotel there is a solo scene in the bath and then another dream sequence of her in schoolgirl uniform with the middle-aged hotelier intercut with her using a dildo on her bed. And that's it. Mandy looks great and this video could have been so much better.

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