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Notes: Evil Angel
Alternate Titles
  • Rocco & Kelly 2 DVD available MMV
  • Rocco e Kelly a Roma 2 DVD available EPM DVD, uncut
Notes and Reviews

Rocco and Kelly with other males from the first video are travelling in a car when Kelly insists they stop by some wide steps leading to some sort of ruin as she wants to pee. There is a brunette in fishnet stockings and leather gear who drags her off into the ruin where there are two slightly down-and-out males. She gives them blow jobs and takes a facial from one while one of the men from the car has sex with the brunette. This scene is abruptly cut short, but in the Italian version there is a brief instance of urolagnia for Kelly.

However, in the European version, Kelly, still in search of a place to pee wanders naked down to the river and discovers four black men who have just pissed in the river (not shown but implied by her comments later). She is followed by Rocco, looking for her. He is given directions by an older homeless black guy who is camping out. He catches up with her as she begins to suck off the black men, commenting with the first one that he still has piss on his cock. She then sucks them in turn, turning two round so that she can give them a rimming (revolting). More sucking then two of them fuck her (wearing condoms). One cums in the condom and she takes it off him, sucks his cock clean of cum and puts the used condom in her mouth, draining it of cum too. More sucking and facials follow. Then she allows the old homeless guy to probe her and lick her pussy. (I'm not sure whether this scene is in the Evil angel DVd, bui it was not in the original Evil Angel VHS.)

Back to what is included in the American version and the next scene does not feature Kelly, but two men (including Rocco) and two women, one being Fovéa. DPs, A2Ms, cum swapping.

Rocco takes Kelly to meet his 'friends' - middle aged to old men on a bench outside what at first appears to be a cafe, but is apparently an old peoples' home, though there are no women. She teases a none-too-clean old man, flashing her boobs in his face, then cavorts on a table indoors surrounded by men, including the old guy. A tubby bearded chap eats food off her backside then she gives a blowjob to the old man, wanking him to a climax and licking the cum off her hand. By now the others have left in what seems to be disgust.

At the rear of what seems to be the same building is a barred gate, like the bars of a cell. Two men, one old, are inside behind the bars. Kelly sucks them off through the bars and climbs up them so that they can grope her and attempt to lick her. She then continues to suck them off to facials. Then she has anal sex in the garden with one of the regular studs in this film and its predecessor, watched by the old man she sucked off originally who gropes her tits while this goes on. Inside and upstairs she enters a toilet where the bearded bloke is on the loo. She sucks him and he fingers her arse. He seems to have second thoughts about the whole thing and spits on her. She then slaps him several times and spits on him, but also sucks him again, and sticks his head down the bowl and flushes the loo.

At the start of the final scene she is being wheeled through the streets in a perspex covered pushchair, dressed in a bikini. They arrive on a coach and she is put into the luggage compartment in a perspex box. The coach is filled with men (20 plus) and there are two girls moving around being groped and giving head. The coach arrives at its destination and Kelly is taken out and a gang bang or orgy ensues in which the other two girls are more than just fluffers, but Kelly is the centre of attention, taking anal, reverse cowgirl DP, facials and swapping cum with the other girls and also fighting with one when that girl gets annoyed when a man spits on her. In the Italian version, Silvio Evangelista pisses in Kelly's mouth near the end of this scene.

Parts of this are either spontaneous or well acted, but, though a turn on in general, some sequences cause disgust rather than stimulation.

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