< Dirty Anal Kelly in Rome DVD available

Released: 2000
Alternate Titles
  • Rocco & Kelly 1 DVD available MMV
  • Rocco's Dirty Anal Kelly in Rome
Notes and Reviews

Kelly arrives at Rome airport and is met by Rocco. Max Belloccio is also arriving and is also greeted by Kelly. He discovers she is wearing no knickers.

Flashing and lewd behaviour in car with Rocco, on the move and in a quiet street, including bj and anal.

She accosts strange men in a supermarket carpark and blows two of them briefly.

An Italian stud arrives on his bike at the hotel. He follows them to their beachhouse while Kelly and a European blonde sit in the back of the station wagon with the back open and expose themselves to him and to anyone else who is looking. A 2M2F scene follows on the patio with several A2Ms and Kelly is analy fisted by the girl. They take two joint facials.

There is some chat on the beach and Kelly picks up a transsexual who brings another of her ilk to their balcony at a hotel. An orgy follows in which Kelly gives blowjobs and has anal sex with a man and with the transsexuals (who wear condoms for the anals). She takes a facial from the man and comes near to taking one from one of the transsexuals.

Rocco takes Kelly to meet Buttman and a Dutch brunette at the Coliseum. Buttman discovers she is again knickerless as she poses with several men who are wearing the costumes of Roman soldiers.

There is an FFM scene by the pool at Rocco's house, but Kelly complains it is too normal but is finally persuaded to carry on participating.

There is then a totally unrelated scene between a blonde and three men.

The last scene has Kelly naked trying to pick up men on the beach and suck them off. Eventually the cyclist takes her off into the dunes where he has gathered several men. She blows them all, taking and swallowing facials. In the end she says 'thank you for coming'. Finally she is again naked on the beach exposing her arse to the crowd.

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