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Notes: Angels V406/Phoenix L16/videoangels LL17/V513
Alternate Titles
  • Danielle & Katy
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Review tape kindly provided by Videoangels

running time 1hr

proceedings get underway with katy and danielle taking a bath - but we wanted a dirty movie! - with each giving the other a good soaping! after a few minutes they decamp to the living room, where they indulge in a spot of mutual pussy play. before long, danielle decides a spot of oral-genital contact would not go amiss and we are treated to some nice close-ups of her technique.

we cut to find danielle kneeling on the sofa, arse presented to the camera, with katy working her pussy with a dildo. it's not long before another cut and we find danielle sticking a carrot up her own arsehole, while she licks katy out - one way of improving your eyesight, i suppose!

we cut once more, this time to the bedroom, where danielle continues to refine her oral technique upon katy. she seems to capture katy's rhythm and the sight of her hips gyrating involuntarily, is a real turn on. positions are reversed and katy returns the favour by sucking on danielle's peach (a peach, not a nectarine - this lady has a full head of hair down there).

by now, we've accumulated enough evidence to know that we're witnessing a performance by two girls who really DO like girls - not always the case when it comes to girl/girl interaction. for some actors it really is just a job and nothing more.

the next tasty morsel to be ordered from the veggie menu is a number 69 - an established favourite for those on a vegetarian diet. katy is on top and we are privy to some greats shots of dlk trying to lick katy's plate clean.

23mins in and it's fisting time, as katy works her clenched digits into ms kelson's welcoming pussy - well, if the glove fits... this is pretty intense stuff and it's a shame it doesn't last longer than a couple of minutes. katy likes the effect it has on danielle so much she decides to try it for herself - with her own fist! alas, she is only partially successful, the absence of a second elbow joint probably being the reason.

danielle takes the more conventional route to pussy pleasing by whipping out a large sex toy and using it on herself. katy watches dlk get to work, while she too plays with herself. after a bit, katy tries out the toy and thence back to danielle again. this dildolatry continues for some minutes but doesn't induce the rapid onset of ennui caused by most extended toy use, due to the girls being so into it. in addition, a double-headed affair materialises and is used in the expected manner - i.e. on both of them, at the same time.

finally, we are treated to a brief bout of solo pissing, into the bath where things started.

katy, it must be said is looking exceptionally fine in this flick, although both girls have the sort of tight, athletic physiques that look good in any position. as usual with this company there is no music or dubbing, just the ambient sounds of real life. the lighting is okay and the camera work adequate. my personal preference would have been for more kissing and caressing and less use of toys but that's my bias and not necessarily those of most potential viewers.

overall, a worthwhile acquisition for lovers of g/g.

review by woodgnome

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