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Released: 1996 (2002 for DVD)
Director: Jim Enright
Notes: Pleasure Productions
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Running time: 87 mins.

In early 50's New York, entrepeneur Wild Oscar has sunk all of his money into a new luxury hotel, but with only weeks to go to the opening, thanks to the skulduggery of mobster Tony Tedeschi, there are still no bookings.

Calling Nici into his office, Wild Oscar is at a loss at what to do. Sitting on the edge of his desk, Nici lifts her skirt and opens her legs. Perhaps the sight of her pussy will give him some inspiration. Wild laps at Nici's love cleft as she eases her breasts from her blouse. Undoing his suit, she slips to the floor and sucks at his shaft. Moving papers from the desk, Nici lies back. Wild thrusts between her legs. She turns over to be taken from behind. The two move to a striped sofa where Nici guides Wild's length into her arse. He cums over her pussy. Nici tells her boss to leave it up to her.

Back in her office, Nici enlists the help of fellow workers Davia Ardell and Tatianna to try and solve the problem. The girls will stop at nothing to get a big name act to fill the ballroom on opening night and put a stop to the mob. Tatianna is sent to work her way into Tony's trousers, while Davia and Nici set out to snare a star.

Jonathan Morgan is the biggest name in show business, but since splitting with partner Shanna McCullough he's started to gamble and is deep in debt. Involved in a threesome with Peter North and Shanna, Davia gets a contract signed. On the other side of town, Nici has wheedled her way into Jonathan's apartment.

After paying off his debts, Nici wants to know if there is anything else Jonathan needs as her dress falls to the floor. Closing his eyes, Jonathan lies back as Nici takes his prick deep in her mouth. Slipping off her cami set, Nici's boobs hang over Jonathan's face as she sinks down on to his shaft. The two turn and Nici is filled, missionary. Jonathan pulls out to coat her face. He agrees to appear.

Bookings for the hotel rocket, but to ensure there's no problem on opening night, Nici gets Alexandra Silk to occupy the mob, and there may be some pictures as added insurance... The Ritz Hotel is a success.

Doin' The Ritz is a very decent plot-based movie where the sex fits in with the story. Nici Sterling, as the sexy and very able assistant, plays her part well, showing she can act as well as have sex. The supporting cast are also strong, with Shanna, Alexandra, Tatianna and Davia all performing capably. Perhaps the only down side to this otherwise good film is its transfer from video to DVD. The picture quality is slightly grainy and not what you would expect from a modern movie. Nevertheless, Doin' The Ritz is well worth a watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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