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Released: c. 1990
Director: Hans Moser as Sascha Alexander
Notes: SAP/SLY/SYC, DVD MIke Hunter MHI 012, also DVD Team Video Plus, Denmark
Alternate Titles
  • Dirty Woman Part 3: Never Say Die
Notes and Reviews

c. 1990. Dir. Sascha Alexander

  • Sybille Rauch plays Stella
  • Joey Silvera plays a psychiatrist
  • Natascha Roberts plays a patient
  • Sean Michaels plays an associate of Joey Silvera
  • Suraya Jamal plays an associate of Joey Silvera
  • Yves Baillat (scene from Dirty Woman)

Sean Michaels picks up Sybille Rauch and takes her to Dr. Joey Silvera. They are in the waiting room while Joey is fucking his patient, Natascha Roberts, b/g, facial.

Sean Michaels recounts this to Suraya Jamal and they have sex, anal.

Sybille tells Joey of her problems including a flashback to a scene from Dirty Woman where she has sex with Yves Baillat and gets caught by her husband.

Sean Michaels consoles Sybille - facial.

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