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Released: 1995 (1998 for DVD)
Director: Mitch Spinelli
Notes: Heatwave
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Running time: 92 mins.

Cheap production with a cheesy plot about a private eye hired to find a missing girl. He has a slutty bored secretary and a male friend who has been jilted. For no apparent reason the father of the missing girl fucks the secretary, the detective and his friend end up in the same bar at different times and fuck the barmaid, etc., etc. The detective gets a table dance from and fucks Nici Sterling (anal, facial). Nici Sterling does a g/g scene with a barmaid etc., etc. Everything is shot indoors in cheesy sets. No extras have been hired to make it look as if the bar has any customers. In short there is no suspension of disbelief which means that no erotic suspense is possible, even if the script had allowed for it. Nici Sterling, however, is as sexy as she always is. Oh yes - there's also some sort of wet T-shirt competition at the end (just to justify the title) which turns into a g/g orgy.

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Alex Sanders and his assistant Selena run a lacklustre detective agency where the pair are more interested in screwing clients than solving cases. Nevertheless, they're given the job of tracking down the wife of a night club owner. Before they hit the streets though, Selena has to have sex.

After watching a patron pump the barmaid for information, Alex finds Nici working as a dancer in a sleazy club. Alex sets off to investigate. He sips on a beer as Nici slowly gyrates in front of him, wearing a skimpy white bikini. He stuffs some dollar bills into her panties. Pulling the ties on Nici's bra, it falls away. Alex sucks and bites at her erect nipples. Picking up a soda syphon, he squirts it over Nici's snatch. She drops her panties and bends over. Alex aims at her bum. Dripping wet, he laps between Nici's legs. She turns and takes his dick in her mouth. His shaft erect, she sits on it. Bending over the bar, Nici feels Alex's length in her bum. Another squirt of soda and Alex empties his load over her tongue.

Getting little from his Private Eyes club, owner Kyle sets out to find if barmaid Nikki Sinn can help find his wife. He ends up soaking and shagging her. Back in the office, it all becomes clear to Alex as he's having sex with Selena. The pair are being set up.

John Wood chats to Nici in the club and asks if she's interested in some girl/girl action. In white boots and a thong, Jessica Lang comes out from behind the bar and fondles Nici's boobs. Stripped, Nici stands up to be licked. Jessica's tongue darts back and forth. Moving on to the dance floor, the girls spread themselves to be lapped and probed. Legs interlocked, they grind their pussies together. Armed with a soda syphon, Alex bursts in. The club fills with girls and the film ends in an orgy of wet T-shirts.

Short on plot, length and sex, Devil In A Wet T-shirt is not a Nici Sterling classic.

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