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Released: 1995 (DVD 2002)
Director: Morty Valentino
Notes: Filmco
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Running time: 81 mins.

Shot in the mid 90's when Nici Sterling was at the top of her career, Filmco re-released Dark Eyes on DVD in 2002. The film contains a series of unconnected short scenes and, apart from Nici, the other stars, Cassandra Curves and Sophia Ferrari, have now faded into history.

The film kicks off with Mr Marcus running down the stairs on Christmas morning. Santa has been kind as under the tree lies Nici, in a flame orange dress and black stockings. Wanting to give Marcus his Christmas present, she yanks down his pants and wraps her lips around his big black cock. He strokes her hair as she swallows. Undoing the halter on her dress, the front falls clear of her breasts. Mr Marcus gives them a peck while he unzips the back. The dress falls to the floor. Nici gets him to lie down and sits on his face. With his tongue dancing on her clit, she leans forward for his dick. Crouching over his cock, Nici sinks it into her pussy. Mr Marcus sits up to bite at her boobs. Swinging round about, Mr Marcus' manhood is eased into Nici's arse. Climbing off, she wants his spunk on her tongue and laps at the head of his member. With a groan he coats Nici's face.

While the individual scenes in the film are adequate, the overall impression the film gives is dated and disjointed. The sex in Nici's scene, like the rest in the film, lacks movement or variation. Once the sex starts the couple stay in the same position throughout. Dark Eyes in not one of Nici's better works. Although, for fans of the 90's it affords a chance to see the great girl in action.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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