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Released: 1997
Director: Brad Armstrong
Notes: Wicked Pictures
Alternate Titles
  • Speed Sex In Dangerous Tides
Notes and Reviews

Rest of female cast: Jenna Jameson, Melissa Hill, Missy, Ruby, Yvonne, Alexandra Silk, Charlie, Antonia, Barocca, Angelica Sinn. Male cast: Mike Horner, Brad Armstrong, Vince Voyeur, Mickey G, Wilde Oscar.

  • Style: Feature Film
  • Theme: Storyline - The cruise ship Adreanna is hijacked. It doesn't really prevent the passengers from having sex though.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

This film, Dangerous Tides, is a storyline-based, star vehicle for Jenna Jameson. Here, Jenna is the star playing a competition winner who is riding on the luxury cruise ship (or yacht as it looks to me), Adreanna, a pleasure ship with lots of horny passengers. The fun is spoiled when the ship answers a distress call and is hijacked by terrorists. A weak porn version of Speed 2 is what follows, though making even less sense and having worse acting then the mainstream film that inspires it. We have one Brit girl in this film, Nici Sterling, a lady that has made her name in the USA. Here she has two scenes, coming just short of Jenna's three, so is the supporting performer here.

The first scene with the great Brit lady of porn is the third scene in this film. She is sharing some drinks with her boss, Wilde Oscar (her real life husband) and another tanned beauty. Wilde decides they should celebrate the company success with a nice threeway.

Nici performs well here, receiving the bulk of the action. She gets licked out by Wilde, first in her dress, then naked, before sharing his manhood and giving some good, but brief, oral action. Sterling then rides on top of Wilde in cowgirl, enjoying herself as she does so. She also licks out her female co-star and sucks off Wilde in between him hammering the two of them. Nici also takes a nice anal here, facing the camera as she does. The scene ends with Wilde letting loose his load, with Nici licking up the juice.

We see a rare thing in this scene, a condom, so extra points on that aspect. The scene itself plays out well. Nici gives a solid performance, taking the anal well and giving encouraging sounds of pleasure. The usual tricks of feature film porn are here; music, repeat shot and missing penetration, all of which turn me off. Overall I would give this scene a 3 out of 5.

The next scene with Nici is also the last scene of the film. Here she seduces Brad Armstrong and has yet another threeway, with Brad and Missy. She starts off by sucking Brad, before Missy spies them and joins in. Nici sucks Brad's balls and plays with Missy, giving and receiving oral with her. She takes Brad's member in a sit down spread and standing doggy position before she licks the cum off of Missy's ass and back.

This scene has less of Nici in the action. It's Missy that gets most of the cock here. However the scene, while shorter, does look sexy as Nici is really sweating and glistening in the bowels of the ship, giving it a sense of realism. Missy works well, making the most of her part as a tough terrorist beauty. However the scene is quite short with not enough of Nici in it. Also the music, repeat shot and missing penetration come to play once again and this really puts me off. Overall I'd give this scene a 2.5 to 3 out of 5.

The rest of the film is fairly good. Jenna's two b/g scenes are very hot. Her scene with Vince Voyeur is of particular quality. However the big let down is the seven-girl orgy scene, which does feature Jenna. The music is so loud that you cannot hear the noises made by the girls, also the music in question is some sort of weird euro/pop/dance/comedy mix and really puts you off. Also, if you are interested in the film in terms of the story then don't bother - it barely manages one and doesn't even have a proper ending, which is certainly annoying. It had the potential to be great but that potential was sorely wasted. If you get the DVD version, it has the usual trailers, scene selection and slide shows.

Not a bad film overall, but certainly nothing great. Nici has done better work but it is worth a look for the Jenna scenes.

Review by Steven Stone, March 2006

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