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Released: 2008
Director: Laurent Sky
Notes: Club Jenna
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Running time: 84 mins.

Director Laurent Sky has been called upon to produce a second film showcasing Club Jenna's starlet Chanel St James. This time she teams up with Cindy Crawford, Holly Morgan, Gia Paloma and Britain's Kellemarie, for five short vignettes.

Standing in their lingerie, Chanel and Kellemarie are motionless in an airport baggage reclaim area, while the world speeds by around them. With the last passenger gone, they fondle and kiss each other's tits, leaving lipstick rings round their nipples. Knickers off, Chanel spreads out across a row of seats. Kellemarie crouches before her, poking and probing her shaven pussy. Her fingers and tongue become a blur. With a slim glass dildo in her hand, Kellemarie slowly screws it into Chanel's pussy. The action makes her body shake. Down on all fours, Kellemarie tries a toy. She gyrates and rocks as the ribbed glass rod slips in and out. Standing astride the conveyor, and with the toy between her legs, Kellemarie's pussy glistens with juices. Her whole frame jolts, leaving a damp patch on the belt. Kellemarie licks the glass rod clean.

Full of visual gimmickry and effects, for a showcase there's not a lot of Chanel in the film. She only appears twice, with the remaining scenes being done by Cindy, Holly and Gia. While I have to admit what is here is very good, for a full price film you'd expect a little more. Overall, Chanel No. 2 is expensive and short.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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