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Released: 2007
Notes: Back End Productions, compilation
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 108 mins.

There's nothing more disappointing than sitting down to watch an 'All New' film and realising you have seen it before. That's the case with Cum in 60 Seconds. The blurb on the cover and date of production (May 2007) all lead you to believe that it's brand new footage. In fact, it's a mix of six mediocre scenes shot over the last couple of years.

Poppy Morgan's scene comes from 2005 and appeared in the stunningly average Fill My Ass, of the same year. Watching it again my views haven't changed, so I won't regurgitate the same review.

Of the other cast, the American actress Victoria Givens appears very heavily scarred after her breast enhancement, looking as if the doctor has stuffed two beach balls in her boobs. Off putting... And Cheyne Collins, with his jet black spiked hair, thick sideburns, and silly goatee beard, could have been the villain in a pantomime.

Don't bother wasting your money on Cum in 60 seconds. It's not worth it.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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