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Released: 2008
Director: Vicki Holloway & Ric Porter
Notes: Portway Films / Union Films
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Running time: 150 mins.

Everyone knows girls like their shoes. Cleverly, directors Ric Porter and Vikki Holloway have mixed this with hot, sexy action to produce Cum on my Feet. A film which appeals to both the foot fetish fraternity and the general viewer.

Glass of wine in hand, Michelle and Demitri enter the dining room to take their place at the table. Stretching out a stocking clad leg, Michelle places her strappy pink sandal against Demitri's crotch. He slowly massages her ankle. Slipping off her shoe, he kisses her toes. Michelle caresses her boobs as her foot rubs the bulge in Demitri's pants. Dropping to her knees, Michelle releases his prick and takes it deep in her mouth. Easing the straps of her black evening dress off her shoulders, Michelle lets it fall to the floor. Demitri laps at her breasts. He moves to peel down her black seamed stockings. Pulling her knickers aside, Michelle lowers her pussy down Demitri's dick. Falling back, she teases her clit as he thrusts in. Guiding the cock into her arse, Michelle turns onto her side to be taken spoons. Ready to cum, Demitri fires his cum over Michelle's feet. The flexible girl puts her toes to her mouth and sucks off his cream.

Calling round with a large pile of shoe boxes, Yazmin hopes to catch Lee's wife at home. She's just missed her. Invited in, Lee asks Yazmin if she'll try on a couple of pairs of shoes to see what they look like. Slipping off her stiletto heels, Yazmin tries a pair of ankle strap sandals. Lee undoes the buckle and runs his tongue along the sole of her foot. Closing her eyes, she lies back while her stockings are pulled down and Lee takes her toes in his mouth. Undoing her jacket, Yazmin's hands roam over her body and thighs. She eases her breasts out of her black bra and sits up to press herself against Lee's cock. Trapping his length between her insteps, she slowly wanks. Letting herself in, Harmony finds Yazmin and Lee on the bed. She bends forward to suck his dick. Easing down her white lace knickers, Lee fucks Harmony from behind as she laps at Yazmin's pussy. Pulling a vibrator from her bag, Yazmin works it between her legs as she watches Harmony and Lee banging spoons, then pushes herself up to ride his cock reverse. The girls lie side by side as Lee lets loose his load over their feet.

Frankie is after a new pair of shoes and has arranged for Yazmin to call. She turns up with a stack of boxes and her assistant Bonnie. Sitting on the bed, Frankie first tries on a pair of pink sandals, which she's not too sure about, followed by a pair in white. Bonnie suggests that the slinky black numbers look nice and sexy. Placing her feet on a stool, she starts to stroke. The girls wrap their lips round Frankie's toes. She lifts her boobs out of her lemon top and teases. Moving to the floor, Frankie fingers the pair as they tend to her feet. Stripped down to their stockings, the three push their toes into each other's pussies. Frankie finds a golden vibrator which she licks, then looking out of the window, slips it inside herself. Bonnie is handed a ridged rabbit to coax herself to a climax. Yazmin climbs back on the sofa. Assistant Bonnie helps her orgasm with a bright pink toy.

In matching white lingerie and stockings, Karen and Tammy kiss, their tongues intertwining. Slowly, the girls run their feet up and down each other's legs. Sitting on a sofa, the pair tongue at one another's toes. Boobs out of bras, they bite each other's nipples. Undoing Tammy's suspenders, Karen rolls her stockings down her legs. The roles are then reversed. The girls play with, and wind their nylons around, their feet and toes. Panties off, the pair lap pussy, then probe between legs with feet. Easing a vibe into Tammy, Karen holds herself over her face. A second toy is slipped into Karen. The duo wriggle and writhe each other to climax.

In shiny black stilettos, Suzi follows Pascal up the stairs and sits on the edge of his desk. She's applied to join the staff in his shoe shop. Pascal fondles her feet as she presses them against his prick. He removes her shoes to nibble at her toes. Placing Suzi in a swivel chair, Pascal takes out his prick and holds it between her feet. Pulling her panties to one side, she flashes her pussy as she wanks. Kneeling, Pascal licks and fingers Suzi's shaven snatch. He lifts her onto the desk to take her, missionary. Suzi's checked skirt gathers around her waist. She drops on to all fours to be fucked doggy. The two collapse onto the carpet and continue shagging. Holding Suzi's feet, Pascal showers them with his jizz.

For some people the thought of feet is a big turn off. Which is a pity as they'll miss one of the best films around to cover the genre. Even if you're not a foot fan, it's worth watching Cum on my Feet to see eight of the sexiest girls around with a kink for this type of action. Top marks to Ric and Vikki for this movie.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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