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Released: 2007
Director: DCypher
Notes: Club Jenna
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Running time: 98 mins.

It's New Years eve and everyone is enjoying themselves at a party. Everyone that is except Roxy. She's reflecting on the year that's just past and what lies in store. A year which has seen her split from her boyfriend Steve over accusations of an affair...

Lying naked in the middle of a pool table, Roxy raises her legs to let Kimberly Kane at her pussy. Voodoo saunters round the table, slapping the girls as they tongue each other. Pulling his prick out of his pants, the two lick at the shaft and take turns gagging on the length. Removing Kimberly's shoes, Roxy sucks at her toes. She slowly makes her way up her calves and thighs. The pair 69, Roxy parting Kimberly's pussy lips to take Voodoo's meat. She laps at the pair as they fuck. Spreading her legs, Roxy prepares for Voodoo's shaft. He thrusts home hard and cums in her pussy. Kimberly laps at the cream.

Roxy's confidence is further undermined when she discovers her best friends Sammie Rhodes and Riley Chase have been having torrid lesbian sessions without her.

Perhaps it's not altogether Steve's fault. All Roxy wanted was a little freedom to explore. She was sure he would understand if she saw him.

Sitting on the sofa with Steve St Croix, Roxy discusses matters. The two move closer and closer. Placing her hand on his crotch, she says she misses him. Taking out his cock. she starts to wank. Her face falls into his lap. Her eyes watering, spit drips off Steve's balls as he fucks Roxy's throat. Stripped, she twists and straddles his head. The pair 69. Kneeling on the sofa, Steve hammers into Roxy doggy, pushing her into a corner. Lifting her up, he plonks her on his prick to ride reverse. Roxy screws round and the two fall on to their sides still shagging. Roxy's body shakes as Steve powers into her pussy. He shoots his stream over her stomach.

Will Roxy stay with Steve? She spots Chris Cannon across the room at the party. He's going through the same situation, having argued and split from his girlfriend. The two meet and head off upstairs.

The plot is a little convoluted at times with Sammie and Riley appearing to be added just so the girl-on-girl scene could be ticked off. And the story line is never really completed. The filming is also a little odd with director DCypher adding strange special effects during the scenes, almost like film run-off markers. This, added to his penchant for shooting the sex under orange lights for no apparent reason, makes the movie most peculiar. Confessions of the Heart is one for die hard Roxy fans.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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