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Released: 2007
Director: Bertie Ditch / Evel Genius
Notes: Rude Britannia
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Running time: 95 mins.

Couples on Camera in Kent may not be the snappiest title for a film, but it does allow the acronym COCK to be plastered on the cover. The four boy/girl scenes shot during 2005/6 star Amanda, Mandy, Scarlet and Maria, but to confuse things five slightly different girls' names appear on the cover. Which raises the question how much care was taking in the production of the DVD?

Leaning agaist the kitchen bench in her black top and jeans, Mandy chats to a workman. Having finished his job he decides it's time to start on Mandy. He strokes her body and slips her boobs out from her tight top. Taking hold of his cock, Mandy sinks to the floor and starts to suck. Her tongue works its way back and forth. Jeans and black knickers off, the workman laps at the tuft of pubes above Mandy's clit. His fingers enter her damp hole. Standing on a box, the guy pops his prick into Mandy's mouth. She sits on the bench to be taken in her pussy. After dropping to the floor to be fucked doggy, the pair head off to have sex in the gloom at the bottom of the stairs. The scene ends with Mandy stroking the guy's balls as he jerks himself off.

Scarlet adjusts her bra and pulls round her red checked skirt. As the camera slowly pans round her, laughing and giggling, she falls back onto the bed in the arms of a man. Her clothes are soon off and Scarlet lies back with a big black prick in her mouth. Pulling at her pussy lips, the guy licks and laps. The two twist round to 69. Spreading her legs, Scarlet is taken missionary. She turns onto her stomach to be filled from behind. Pushing her back up onto her shoulders, the guy probes her arse with his tongue. She bites at his balls and runs his cock over her face. Down on all fours, Scarlet's boobs dangle and jiggle as she is banged doggy. The guy pulls out and jerks his load on her face.

Maria lounges on the bed in her black slip and buckled black knee length boots. A guy fondles her fanny as the two snog. Holding her legs apart, his tongue flicks at her pussy and arse. Sitting up, Maria swallows his dick as far as his balls. Stripped to her black boots, Maria's slim body bounces on the bed as she is hammered missionary. Wrapping her legs around his waist, he picks her up and falls back to fuck her cowgirl. Jumping off, Maria remounts reverse, screaming out as she slides down his shaft. Digging her heels into the bed, Maria arches her back. A net curtain falls over the couple and is grabbed by the hand of the cameraman. The two do a rerun of all the positions they have just been through, ending with Maria down on her hands and knees. The guy pulls out and sprays his spunk on her back.

The final girl to appear is Amanda (as Nikki). In her black leather lingerie, she kneels on Johnny Rebel's bed. He unclips her bra to play with her tits. The buckles on her panties are unfastened and they fall away. Amanda reaches for his cock, slipping it between her lips. The two fall back on the bed to 69. Amanda's toned and tanned body lies on top of Johnny's, making him look slightly anaemic as she rides him cowgirl. The two turn onto their sides and continue shagging. Amanda wanks Johnny's cock with her feet before he fucks her. As the picture goes in and out of focus, Johnny jerks his jizz over Amanda's face.

This film is not without its technical problems. The cameraman's framing wandered off and he lost focus as he zoomed in and out. The performances of the girls were good and energetic and deserved better production. Only Mandy appeared weak. A passive participant in her scene, she kept glancing at the camera for direction and reassurance. The film is watchable, but there are far better films on the market.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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