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Released: 2007
Director: Jim Slip
Notes: MSS Interactive, 4hrs, also features Vanessa Hill (see www.egafd.com)
Notes and Reviews

Vanessa, Michelle B and Tony James
Slim and dark and sweet, Vanessa gyrates around the room in a satin slip while her voice over decribes how she likes to be gang-fucked. Slipping off her pants, she uses a big pink dildo in her pussy to good, noisy effect. Jim has arranged for Michelle B to 'introduce' Vanessa to the joys of sapphic sex and it's not long before the girls are locked in 69. Vanessa has brought the pink dildo upstairs to the bedroom and Michelle rams it into Vanessa's pussy before Michelle gets a dildo of her own. Finally, both girls demonstrate the correct and satisfactory use of the double-ender. For the final b/g segment, Vanessa takes on Tony James outside by the pool. After some 69, Vanessa slips out of her bikini and rides Tony like a pro in reverse cowgirl followed by doggy, which develops into anal and ends with Tony shooting over her arse.

Karlie Simon, Renee Richards and Keni Styles
Karlie slides out of her red dress, revealing black stockings and pants, while her voice over describes her sexual exploits with two guys. Using a couple of dildos, she fucks her pussy then her arse while lying on a sofa, before joining Renee Richards in the bedroom. Blonde Karlie has changed into white stockings and basque, while brunette Renee, dressed in black, licks and rubs her pussy with some force. Renee pushes a black vibrator up Karlie's arse, then fits a strap-on and completes the DP in cowgirl. More strap-on sex in doggy and missionary before the girls share a double ender with Renee on top in reverse cowgirl. Another change into sexy black lingerie and Karlie is ready to be fucked by Keni on a sofa. Karlie rides Kenny in cowgirl then, after doggy, Keni slips his member up Karlie's arse. A little more doggy on the floor before Keni pulls out and cums over Karlie's bum.

Vienna Moore, Alyssa Leigh and Merlin
Vienna starts her solo in the bath washing herself, then finds a handy dildo which she pushes up her pussy. Outside the bath and wearing black stockings, Vienna continues to show off her curvy figure with more dildo masturbation, before putting on bra and pants ready for her scene with Alyssa. Once again Jim has a pairing of contrasts, Alyssa slim and blonde, Vienna curvy and dark, and both very horny. Alyssa uses a selection of dildos on Vienna befroe she returns the favour, then both girls wrap their cunts around a purple double-ender. Finally, the action with Merlin starts in the kitchen but quickly moves to the lounge where Vienna, stripped to her black hold-ups, impales herself on cock in reverse cowgirl. Vienna gets a serious fucking in all positions before Merlin shoots over her large natural tits.

Sienna, Taylor Morgan and Jim King
Sienna is a tall, dark-skinned, slim girl who says she's from Leeds, although her accent suggests somewhere more exotic. As she talks about her fantasy of sex with bodybuilders, she slips off her yellow dress to reveal an exquisite naked, tight, small-titted brown body. Sienna masturbates on the sofa with an orange dildo before Taylor joins her. Both girls start in bra and pants, but Sienna is soon naked again leaving Taylor in red fishnets and suspenders. The girls dildo each other in 69 then use a double ender to good effect, grinding their pubes together on a white rug. Finally, a lucky guy called Jim is called in to fuck Sienna. He swiftly removes her slip and panties then gets her to mount him in cowgirl before fucking her from behind, followed by more action in reverse cowgirl and spoons before Jim shoots over Sienna's bum.

Review by Bayleaf
September 2007

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