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Released: 2007
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Pornostatic / Playhouse
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This production is something of a rarity, a British creampie movie. While the production is filmed in the Pornostatic pad, they've introduced an office theme (desk and computers), smartly dressed girls all in black stockings and suspenders, a narrative link between scenes, a comedy character and big Jez Kain shooting his load into four willing girls' cunts. Anjali hires Jez, after a fuck and a creampie, to instill a bit of discipline in the staff. This he does, working his way through five more girls, leaving his seed in two of them. The mood is lightened by office junior Martin, played by Keiran Lee in specs borrowed from the Halifax's Howard, who bumbles his way through every scene. And almost every time Jez and the woman he's with cry "knock, before you come into my office!". Or should that be orifice?

So, it's day one at the Pornostatic Office, you know the one with the white sofas, staircase up the middle and a table. Still, who needs props when you've got talent like ladyboss Anjali, her young and lovely PA Aaliyah and job applicant Jez Kain. Anjali wants Jez to fill a variety of positions in the Pornostatic organisation, so she and Aaliyah examine his credentials with their mouths before Anjali removes her pants and impales herself on Jez's cock. The pair fuck on the chair under the watchful eye of Aaliyah (now down to her underwear) until Jez explodes inside Anjali's pussy. The editing is confusing and untidy here, but Anjali squats, sucking cock and rubbing spunk in her pussy.

Aallyah is slacking in her office, looking at adult websites, when Jez Kain discovers her and threatens chastisement and a cock to chew on. Office junior Martin bursts in and all three move to the studio to watch Aaliyah strip. Once down to her underwear, Aaliyah fucks both guys on the sofa, ending with Jez spunking into her mouth while Martin may or may not have cum in her pussy.

Jez seems to be getting rapid promotion as he now has Simone Banks as his personal assistant. Jez demands even more personal assistance and while he's getting a blow job, Martin bursts in and watches as Simone removes her pants, hitches her skirt and spreads her stocking-clad legs over Jez's cock. The action is hard and fast against the wall and on a brown sofa, where Jez drops his load inside Simone, who lies back to allow the camera to catch all the seepage while she licks the last drops off Jez's cock.

Bespectacled Renee has arrived for an interview with Jez and she is anxious to substitute her typing speed for oral speed and unzips his cock. Renee strips to her black stockings and suspenders and fucks Jez reverse cowgirl on the sofa - but Martin turns up fresh from the gym. One guy is never enough for Renee and she soon has a cock at both ends, taking both in her pussy in several positions. Ends with two facials.

Jez wants to offer Frankie a new contract, but before he does he wants to spank her. Martin arrives to do the muff diving, but he's misunderstood and has come in speedos and snorkel. Jez decides to do the oral, then permits Martin a taste of pussy before Frankie strips to her stockings and suspenders and gets fucked all over the sofa. Eventually Jez wanks into Frankie's mouth.

Finally, Martin has fallen asleep on the sofa in front of the tv, when office cleaner Rebecca arrives with her feather duster. Martin has a rather large wet patch on his trousers and is hurried out of the office before Jez arrives for the day. Rebecca has Jez's tool in her mouth when Martin returns, but he is sent off again before Rebecca removes her knickers and straddles Jez's cock. Another bout of hardcore fucking before Jez shoots his load into Rebecca, who sits on the edge of the sofa curling her fingers into her pussy and rubbing spunk over her body.

Review by Bayleaf
September 2007

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