< Casting Cuties 4 R18 DVD available

Released: 2006
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Cathy Barry Entertainment, Pumpkin Films
Notes and Reviews

Running time 89 minutes.

Casting Cuties is Cathy and Phil Barry's way of introducing new talent to the screen but Number 4 has the added attraction and hype of featuring Lea Walker, from Big Brother, in her first hardcore scene; so her face is very familiar. The other familiar face to appear is Jessica Love, but as the film has taken over a year from production to release, a number of her other works have beaten her 'debut performance' to the shop shelves.

Sitting on Phil's sofa with her legs spread wide, flashing her pussy through her black see-through knickers, is Polish law student Alice. She has come to Britain to make movies and help finance her course. Running her hands over her bare stomach she waits to see who is appearing with her, and is pleased when Pascal turns up. They kiss and Pascal strokes the top of her stocking before falling to his knees to suck at her pussy. Alice moans as fingers work their way into her fanny. The two swap places and Alice runs her tongue over Pascal's pants, then, pulling out his prick, takes him in her mouth. Kneeling astride Pascal, Alice settles herself down on his cock. Her tits hanging out of her white top she spins round to ride reverse. Pascal lies her down on the sofa and Alice stretches her legs wide. Pascal plays with her boobs as he fucks her missionary. Turning onto her hands and knees she takes him doggy, then, surprisingly for a newcomer, she eases Pascal's prick into her arse. Taking his cock, Alice wanks Pascal into her open mouth.

Zoe, in her red tartan dress and black boots, has travelled from Africa via South London to appear in the next scene. Phil is amazed by her bum and asks Zoe to show it to the camera. She flexes her muscles and makes her buttocks twitch. Her nerves settle when Pascal arrives. Unzipping her dress he lifts her big tits out of her white bra and sucks on her nipples. He kneels between Zoe's legs and her pussy is already damp when Pascal starts to lick. His tongue makes a beeline for her pierced clit. Stripped, Zoe wants to taste Pascal's cock. She wraps her luscious lips around his shaft and takes it deep in her mouth. Climbing onto Pascal's cock, Zoe rides him, her big firm bum brushing his thighs. Pascal turns Zoe over to shag her missionary followed by doggy. She eventually ends on the floor being pile driven. Pulling out, Pascal shoots his spunk over her body and tits. Zoe takes his cock, licking off every last drop. Her verdict... she wants to do more.

Pascal has been a busy boy, appearing in the third scene as well. He enters with pink haired Jessica Loveit. The two make themselves comfortable on Phil's sofa. Jessica takes the lead, yanking off Pascal's shirt and fondling the front of his trousers. He peels down her pink top to play with her tits. It doesn't take Jessica long to get her lips round Pascal's prick. He pulls at her panties as her head bobs up and down. Lying back, Jessica gets her pussy licked in preparation for Pascal's cock and his fingers make her even wetter. Her leg high in the air, Pascal slips in his full length. Jessica pushes herself up to ride him reverse cowgirl and his balls bang against her clit as the two bounce. The pair fall onto their sides and continue shagging spoons. Mounting Pascal's staff again, Jessica's body twitches as she orgasms. She then jerks him off over her face.

The last scene stars Lea Walker with her amazing body. Phil asks what she has had done. Virtually nothing from the top of her head to the tip of her toes hasn't been remodelled, lifted, stuffed or tucked. Jokingly Phil hopes she won't drop to bits when she is fucked. Tony is brought in to do the business. He starts on her enormous boobs, burying his head in her cleavage, and his hand wanders across her panties. Lea wants his fingers in her, one, two, three, harder. Tony drops to suck at her clit as he finger fucks her. Kneeling, she takes Tony's cock deep down her throat, squeezing his balls as she sucks. Lea is in desperate need of a fuck. Tony sits and she drops her self onto his cock and starts to hammer away. Suddenly she springs up, Tony looks concerned, Lea's latest pubic lift has just dropped, but she won't let that get in the way of a good shagging and slides back onto Tony's cock. Lying on her side, Tony takes her spoons and Lea holds her tits to stop them wobbling too much. Standing up, Tony sprays his load over her face and Lea licks it up and swallows.

The reason people will buy this film is for Lea, which is a bit of a shame for the other girls. Not only are they more 'normal', they also put in very good performances with Pascal. As for Lea... the jury is still out on that one. With all the silicone and plastic she has had inserted and the pulls and tucks, she is a cross between an over curvaceous cartoon character and something from a freak show. Please watch the film for the other three girls and not just Lea.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty " Birtle.

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