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Released: 2004
Director: John Mason as Johnny Rebel
Notes: Paul Raymond Publications/Viv Thomas Productions
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 119 mins.

The first thing to say about this film is don't believe the DVD cover. The cast may all be swingers, but neither Jennifer nor Tiffany can be considered as amateurs. And rather than the 'Over 3 hours' as promised, the film lasts a minute under two!! That having been said, John Mason has done a decent job on location at La Chambre - Sheffield's premiere swinging club.

Arriving late at the club as alter ego Johnny Rebel, John finds Jo and Phil have started without him. The couple sit on the low leather sofa. Jo's fanny is filled with fingers and her lips are round Phil's dick. Rolling onto her stomach, Jo is entered from behind. She moans softly as she's shagged. Stroking her smoothly shaved pussy, Phil invites Jo to sit on his cock. She gently rocks as she rubs his balls. Turning, the two bodies brush against each other as she rides cowgirl. Standing Phil against the wall, Jo wanks his prick into her mouth. She wants the wet member in her pussy doggy style. A few strokes and Phil spills his spunk over Jo's bum. Scraping it up, it goes all over her face.

With cropped red hair, Kat takes her place on the sofa to let Jennifer and Tiffany suck at her tits. She's eager to get her denim skirt off and let the girls at her pussy. All three are soon stripped. Tiffany tongues Jennifer's snatch while Kat uses her digits on the pair. A big red vibrator appears and is slid into Kat's moist minge. She nibbles at the girls' nipples. Tiffany moves in to chew at Kat's cunt. Jennifer finds a pink gel dildo which she slips into her fanny. The vibrator whirrs away on the sofa as the three bring each other to climax.

Having satisfied Kat, Jennifer and Tiffany drag Darryl into one of the themed rooms. Yanking down his jeans, Jennifer sucks hard on his dick, drawing in her cheeks. She turns to taste Tiffany's pussy and is shagged doggy. The girls swap. Tiffany's body jolts as she is fucked missionary. Jennifer settles on her face and the two girls 69. Darryl goes from pussy to pussy, making the pair judder with pleasure. The two are then fucked singly. Tiffany is reverse cowgirl and Jennifer shouts out as she is hammered hard missionary. She twists onto all fours. Unable to contain himself, Darryl cums over Jennifer's bum. Tiffany laps at the cream.

For the final scene, Johnny brings the gang together. Darryl and Jennifer start to hump away on the mattress covered floor. Not wanting to miss out, Johnny hands the camera to Phil so he can join in the action and fuck Jo. Tiffany has some unfinished business with Darryl and Jennifer. Lapping and licking at the couple before geting her pussy stuffed, Kat and Jo tackle Johnny. The guys and girls swap. With arms and legs flailing, the six suck and fuck in almost every combination and position. Jo and Kat milk Johnny's cock for its cum. Jennifer and Tiffany take turns riding Darryl till he shoots his load.

OK, the film may be an hour shorter than it says on the cover, but John has managed to pack plenty of action into the four thirty minute scenes. It's clear that Tiffany and Jennifer know what is expected in front of the camera, but John also manages to get the inexperienced Kat and Jo to turn in good performances. Well lit and well shot, of the films shot in Sheffield this is one of the best currently around.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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