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Released: 2005
Director: Dillon
Notes: Digital Sin
Alternate Titles
  • Dillon's Cum Inside 2
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 124 mins.

This film may look "All American" but a closer examination of the cover shows that with the exception of Dillon, the cast are all Europeans. Mostly shot in Prague, it features the gorgeous Claudia Rossi, Catty Cute, dark-eyed Stacy and sexy Sue Diamond, along with Bradford's very own sex bomb Natalie Heck.

The third scene starts with Natalie undoing her black basque. Her short black skirt and sheer black knickers follow them to the floor. Lying back she slowly caresses her body. Dillion joins her sinking his tongue deep into her pussy before slipping in his cock to shag her spoons. Natalie continues to tease her smooth snatch as Dillon moves to take her missionary. Gripping his wet shaft, Natalie runs her lips back and forth. She kneels to take him deeper, flicking her blonde hair back from her face. Squeezing her boobs together she gives him a tit wank then pushes him back to ride his cock, her pussy lips stretched by his staff. The two move through various positions, Dillon moving his cock from Natalie's pussy to her arse half way through. Natalie has a choice, cum in the pussy or up the bum. Dillion yo-yos between each hole. Before she has made her mind up his balls twitch, his load is fired into Natalie's arse, it dribbles out and plops off her bum cheeks. Using a finger she retrieves every last drop.

The five girls each brought something a little different to their scenes in this well-crafted film. Sue Diamond showed she can pump iron as well as cock in her scene filmed in the gym and Catty Cute has the most amazing breasts, her nipples are bigger then most girls tits. As for Natalie, as they say in Yorkshire - sexy as owt.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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