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Released: 2005
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Union Jaxx / Pumpkin Films
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 92 mins.

This is the second of Phil and Cathy Barry's films giving new talent an opportunity to try out in the Adult Entertainment world. The five new(ish) girls, the new stud Lewis, plus Pascal appear in four decent-length scenes all shot at Pumpkin's Bristol base.

Slightly stocky Donna joins Pascal on the sofa for her first ever session, a far cry from her job as a barmaid in North Wales. Her hand is soon down Pascal's pants, tugging on his cock. She then leans forward to take it in her mouth. Pascal pulls Donna's black knickers to one side and her pussy squelches as he inserts his fingers, making her legs tremble. Still in her black top and skirt, Donna bends to be taken doggy. Then, removing her bra, she sits on Pascal's prick, her hair flopping forward as her pussy is probed. The pair end in spoons, Pascal pulling out to fire his load into Donna's mouth. She smiles and swallows the spunk.

Big-breasted Laura from Glasgow is to do her first girl/girl scene with blonde Lisa on Phil's sofa. Unsure of what to do, Phil tells them to be natural and see what develops. Lisa slips off Laura's red bra and plays her tongue across her boobs. Removing Lisa's black top Laura sucks her pert nipples into her mouth then slowly slides down her body to her smoothly shaved pussy. Her tongue dances across Lisa's clit as she wanks away at her cunt. Moving, Laura loses her panties when Lisa buries her face between her legs, jabbing at her, fingers deep into her wet pussy. Finding a rabbit vibrator on the sofa, Laura works it into Lisa, pushing the toy hard against her clit till she screams with pleasure. With more cries and moans Laura climaxes, Lisa's finger work doing the trick.

Katerina, in a bright blue dress, is ready to get started with Pascal and new boy Lewis. Pulling her black panties hard into her snatch, Pascal is keen to lap and kiss Katerina's pussy while Lewis is quite content to play with her tits. Katerina licks and tongues Lewis's cock while Pascal prods her pink pussy with his prick. Getting Lewis to lie, Katerina mounts his manhood whilst sucking at Pascal, but all the joggling makes Lewis's dick drop out of her hole. After Pascal has satisfied her spoons, the boys cum over her face, Lewis disappearing as soon as he has popped his load.

Jane, in her black lingerie, stockings and bedecked in pearls, cannot wait to be fucked by Pascal. She lies on the sofa with her hands down her knickers playing with her wet pussy as Pascal squeezes and tweaks her tits. Yanking down her panties Jane pulls Pascal's head deep between her legs and orders him to start licking. He does as he is told, using his tongue and fingers on both holes. Grabbing Pascal's cock, Jane wraps her lips around the shaft. She gurgles as it hits the back of her throat. Mounting the man meat, Jane slaps her bum hard against Pascal's thighs then grinds away till her pussy juices are dripping off his balls. With Jane on her back the bonking continues. She lets out a gasp as Pascal enters her arse, then frantically rubs at her swollen pussy. Edging Jane off the sofa Pascal pile drives her bum, Jane's pussy glowing from all the action. Then sitting her up, he cums over her face.

Phil Barry has produced a nice "straight forward" film, cleanly shot and carefully edited. He also kept the cameras rolling at the end of the scene to gauge the girls "true" reaction and in most cases it was favourable. All the girls did well and top marks to Jane for her performance. Let's hope we see them again in other productions. As for Lewis, the excitement may have been a little too much for him but no doubt he will pop up again. A good film to watch for the stars of the future.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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