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Released: 2005
Director: Bo Edwards
Notes: Vivid
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Running time: 97 mins.

The film is a vehicle to introduce five vignettes each linked by Tawny Roberts as a glamorous blonde model. The film has a strange start with all the girls except Tawny standing on the patio with plastic face masks, making them look like robots from Doctor Who.

Roxy appears in the first scene. Dressed in a flowing pink top and blue skirt, she stands beside Tawny who towers over her. Easing down the top of Tawny's white dress, Roxy bites at her nipples as her hand caresses her thigh. Tawny stands fingering her pussy as Roxy finds Jerry in the hall. Dropping her knickers, she bends to have her bum licked. The two move back into the sun-drenched lounge, Roxy running her hands over Tawney's body as Jerry sits and watches. She is going to show her the secret of sex. The three strip, Roxy taking Jerry's cock in her mouth and swallowing while Tawny drapes her naked body over him. Tawny leans forward to suck, Roxy manoeuvring herself to munch on her minge. She stands and lowers herself onto Jerry's shaft and Roxy massages his balls. The three move to the table where, face down, Roxy is entered from behind as she laps at Tawny's clit. The girls swap places, Tawny taking dick in her pussy before Jerry slams it onto her arse. Having seen Tawny take it up the bum, Roxy wants some of the same. Jerry thrusts his cock into her tight arse. The girls kiss as Jerry sprays them with his jizz.

Centerfold Secrets is a nice erotic film with some great girls. The running time may be short in comparison with some films but this is more than made up for with Vivid's bumper selection of extras. The only slight complaint is this film, in common with Vivid's other works, has 4 or 5 minutes of adverts at the start which you can't skip ... a small price to pay to watch a good film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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