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Released: 2005
Director: Kat Slater
Notes: Hustler
Alternate Titles
  • Hustler's Cum Swallowers 2
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 112 mins.

Cum Swallowers 2 is very much in the style of the other work Kat Slater has produced in Britain - that is she directs, interviews, participates in and shoots the film. This time she has used six fine British girls and teamed them with three useful studs over five scenes.

Michelle is on the bed in her black lingerie being fingered by Kat as she talks about her favourite subject ... being fucked. She is then introduced to Steve, or at least his dick, which goes straight down her throat. Dribbling on the shaft as she gags, Michelle then runs the head around her lips before slapping her self in the face with the tool. Turning on all fours Steve thrusts his cock between Michelle's legs, she grunts and groans as she is banged. The pair roll into the spoon position where the hammering causes Michelle's tits to fly out of her top and bounce around. Licking her cunt juice off the dick Michelle wants to be taken up the arse. Kat fingers her pussy as Steve slips his manhood up her bum. After a little more anal action Michelle wants to taste the results of her hard work. Steve fires into her mouth and with a gulp it's gone.

Renee and Majella appears to be in an empty club with Ian. Loosening her blue lace top Renee sits on Ian's knee offering her tits to be sucked as Majella slips her fingers into her pussy. The girls lift Ian's cock out of his pants, running their tongues up and down the length and taking the head in their mouths. Renee holds herself over Ian's face so he can lap at her pierced clit. She slides down his body and his cock ends in her pussy. Camera woman Kat pulls Majella's pussy lips apart ready for Ian to enter as she sucks at Renee. Both girls enjoy a little more fucking, Majella getting so excited she squirts over Ian's cock. Having cum once Majella tries again, stretching her swollen pink lips around Ian's dick as he pumps away. The pair sit open mouthed waiting for cum, Renee takes it all and then swaps with Majella till it's all swallowed.

Natalia is sitting in her black underwear and high heels in a well-appointed living room waiting for Kat to deliver some dick. Gyrating her bum in front of the camera and fingering her self turns her on and she's ready for Steve when he arrives. He uses his cock to tickle her tonsils, Natalia stroking Steve's balls as she gags. She then gives the slippery man meat a tit wank before being persuaded by Kat to fill her mouth with Steve's balls. The wet cock glides easily into Natalia's wet love box as she rides him cowgirl. Changing direction, Natalia's boobs bounce freely as she hammers down on Steve's balls. Shagging continues doggy style till Natalia screams with pleasure. She wanks Steve into her mouth, covering her tongue with jizz.

Freckled, posh Crystal is next, sitting in a low cut white dress. Kat teases her pussy through her pink knickers. Her talk isn't very lady like ... in fact it's downright dirty. Tony joins in taking over the fingering work as Crystal feeds on his dick. Kat wants to see how much Crystal can take in her mouth ... all of it! Tony offers his juice covered fingers to lick as his cock is pushed into Crystal's pussy. The pair bang away in various positions ending in a long doggy session. Pulling out his prick Crystal samples her juices, which are then mixed with spunk when Tony pops his load in her mouth.

Angel wears a short black dress and top trimmed in fluorescent pink leopard print. Kat runs her hands over Angel's body before sticking a couple of fingers in her arse and pussy. Fingers are nice but Angel wants the real thing and gets it in the shape of Tony. She gags as he slides his cock into her mouth and fucks her throat. Nice and wet it's now ready for her pussy. Turning to all fours, Angel's love box is stretched by Kat ready for Tony to slip in his full length. Angel wants to taste her self and as she is sucking at man meat Kat pushes her panties into her damp pussy. Fanny fucking is great but the thing that really gets Angel going is being taken up the arse. She pulls her bum wide open for Tony to enter then licks off the juices. Sitting astride Tony she fills her gaping arse cowgirl, pounding down on the cock till she has a screaming orgasm. With mouth open Angel coats her tongue in jizz, then blows spunky bubbles before swallowing.

With Kat doing all the camera work, all the scenes are shot mid-range to close up, which gives the film a sort of intimacy you don't get when multiple cameras are used. As for the performances, they were hot and hard without going over the top. And with Angel, Renee, Majella ... Cum Swallowers 2 is an out and out winner.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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