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Released: 2004
Director: David Stanley
Notes: Vivid
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Running time: 72 mins.

The Contestants comes from a time when Vivid were experimenting with multi-angle films. Presumably, they hoped differing shots of the same thing would make up for lack of length in the movie. Sadistic Stephanie Swift, sporting a huge blonde and pink beehive hairdo, has set Briana Banks, Sunrise Adams, Holly Hollywood and all of their partners a challenge. Locked in a maze, in an old warehouse, the first couple to escape will win $6 million. As for the rest ...

With an almost unrecognisable Ashley Long by her side, under an auburn bob wig, Stephanie watches the couples on close circuit TV. The six soon discover that when faced with a problem the solution is to have sex. One-by-one the contestants fall pray to Stephanie's dastardly trap, till only Briana makes it out from the maze.

Before she can win her prize though, she must first pleasure Stephanie and Ashley. Stripped, Ashley gyrates with her fingers in her pussy. Meanwhile, down on the desk, Briana uses a vibrator on her boss. Moving closer, Ashley caresses the girls' naked bodies, her hands pawing at their pussies. Bending forward, Ashley laps at pussy as a rabbit is pushed between her legs. She quickly orgasms. Taking the toy, she turns to make contestant Briana climax. With tongues and fingers, Stephanie finally cums. Briana is faced with a choice; the money or ... She picks the wrong one and her fate is sealed.

Big on wigs but short on story, quality, and almost everything else, this is a poor offering from Vivid. Director and writer David Stanley's plot may have looked good on paper but it fails miserably on film. Unsure as to whether they're in a psychological horror or a comedy, some of the cast underplay their delivery whilst others go over the top. Ashley doesn't have that problem as for most of the movie she stands like a mannequin. Even the tension of the couples in the maze is shattered when the camera pulls back to show the top of the walls and the lights from the set next door. If you see The Contestants on a shelf, give it a miss.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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