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Released: 2004
Director: Axel Braun
Notes: Private Gold
Alternate Titles
  • Private Gold: Cadillac Highway
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 132 mins.

The US has a tradition for making 'Road Style' films, where the star sets off across America to escape something and find themselves. Private's Cadillac Highway is a movie in this mould.

Avy Scott arrives at her long lost Uncle Ron Jeremy's mansion. Not sure of what she'll find, she knows he's big in films and hopes he'll introduce her to her childhood heroes. Packing Avy upstairs, Ron is making the type of film he doesn't want his young niece to see.

Kellemarie and Bella Starr stand in their bikinis, in the middle of the large open plan room. As Ron gets the cameras rolling, the girls start to kiss. Kellemarie parts Bella's pussy and tongues her arse, before slipping her fingers into her damp hole. She cries out with pleasure. Her own bikini dropped, Kellemarie pulls Bella's face against her smoothly shaven snatch, holding it there as she licks. Undoing Bella's shoes, Kellemarie sucks at her toes then slowly makes her way up her legs. Hearing the noise, Avy creeps out of her room to see what's going on, as the pair finger each other. She wants to leave but is drawn in by the sight of the two beautiful blondes playing with each other. A vision of Elvis appears, telling her this is not the place to stay.

Jumping into an old Cadillac with Elvis by her side, Avy heads off into the night to sort herself out.

Her first stop is a seedy hotel where the check in clerk is more interested in fucking and sucking than serving customers. Avy leaves.

Her next encounter is with Ashley Blue, a girl who is mixed up with the mob.

Back in the car, and with Elvis at the wheel, she eventually makes the bright lights of Las Vegas where she meets up with the singer in a rock band.

After her adventure, Avy decides life at Uncle Ron's wasn't really all that bad and heads back to appear in one of his films.

Cadillac Highway is a great parody of a 'Road' type film and certainly the only adult movie I have seen where Elvis appears thoughout in a non-sex role. There is no doubt that the whole film hinges round Avy Scott and her action scenes are hard and hot. The only question mark is over her acting ability. The rest of the cast - Kellemarie, Ashley Blue, Taylor Rain, Bella Starr, Victoria Sin and Dominca Leoni - all put in good performances in their supporting roles, although in all cases their screen time was limited. If you're after a film with a not too taxing plot, try Cadillac Highway ... if only to see Elvis.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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