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Released: 2004
Director: Jim "Legman"
Notes: Smash
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Running time: 66 mins.

Leyli appears as Allura Bond alongside two American silicon stuffed "C" list stars Catalina and Danly Marga in Jim Legman's cheap-looking production Cum on my Stockings.

Sitting in her tie-dye pattern orange, pink and purple tights, Allura (Leyli) introduces herself strangely in the 'third' person as she pulls at her nipples through her black net top. Middle-aged pot bellied Jim "Legman" joins her rubbing her feet against his face as Allura pulls at her pussy through her open crotch. As she lies face down, Jim runs his cock over her nylon-clad legs and bum. She sits up to let him lap at her pussy, her foot tapping (with boredom). Grabbing his dick, Allura pushes it into her mouth, gagging. Then, standing astride Jim, she lowers her self onto the saliva-covered shaft. Looking as if she can't wait for the scene to finish quick enough, Allura is taken spoons then doggy. Jim pulls out to dribble a meagre amount of spunk on her bum.

Whilst this isn't the worst film I have seen it is pretty poor. None of the girls look in any way interested in what's going on and give the appearance they want to go home as soon as possible. As for the girls, slim Catalina looks completely out of proportion with two massively over inflated tits and, whilst Danly may look OK at a distance in a darkened room, close up this squeaky voiced girl must have had a hell of a heavy paper round. Are there any redeeming features in the film? Yes. It's very short so you aren't wasting much time by watching it.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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