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Released: 2004
Notes: Fantasy Blue
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This curious production from Fantasy Blue promises much as Amazon and Tiffany are freed from their cages by 'master' BJ. He orders the girls to the bathroom where there is a little girl-girl action with the soapy water before they return to the dungeon room and don black fetishwear, fishnets and heels.

The whole film is one extended scene which ranges around a most peculiar house which has a large room converted into a fetishist's playroom and others housing large items of sexual furniture. God knows where the inlaws sleep when they visit! The action is a mix of s&m. as the girls are securely tied and gently whipped, or oral sex between all three.

After some time the girls are taken into another room where they are securely tied into a chair with their legs spread wide and subjected to a mechanical dildo. Both girls find this ultimately very pleasurable as they take the artificial black tool right up their pussies.

Left in the master bedroom by themselves, Amazon discovers a strap on dildo which Tiffany uses on her as she eventually takes the artificial cock up her bum in reverse cowgirl. When BJ returns he gives the girls another light beating before judging the time is right to give them both a firm fucking. Tiff lubes Amazon's arse before using a small dildo on her, then BJ replaces the dildo with his cock, arsefucking her in doggy and reverse cowgirl, then it's a facial and messy cumswap.

Brave effort from Fantasy Blue and nice to see some home produced hardcore bdsm. Tiffany and Amazon are dirty girls who clearly enjoy their sex and BJ is a good stud, but there's not much edge to this production and it's hard to fill 90 minutes with just a threesome. The DVD is well authored, with scenes and stills, but the phoney bonus footage (7 minutes bootlegged from an old US film) is a disgrace. Good to see a new Brit production company releasing stuff, but these guys need to do better.

Review by Bayleaf

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