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Released: 2004
Director: Dirrty & Kracka
Notes: Smash
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Running time: 91 mins.

Jamie Brooks is joined by four Americans (Haley Paige, Demi Marx, Jolean and Brooke) in this film where girls pull panties tight into their pussies. From the opening scene you get the impression this is a slapdash production as no one has bothered to clean the camera lens, resulting in a spotty picture.

In a cropped net top, Jamie starts the film rolling. Exercising on her tread mill, her see-through black knickers work their way into her snatch. Steve French turns up. He is lost, but with his strong French accent it's hard to make out what he says. Luckily, Jamie has read the script so she knows what he is on about. He wants a camel? She has just the thing as she drags him into her lounge. Jamie gets Steve to lick at her knickers. His tongue jabs at her clit. As she takes his dick from his pants and starts to suck, bubbles drip from her mouth. The fucking which follows can at best be described as mechanical and sterile. A big turn off is to see a bloke's bouncing bum with fluff dangling from his arse crack!! After moving through several positions and riding Steve reverse cowgirl up the bum, Jamie gets a spunk moustache.

I found this a poor film to watch. The sets, lighting, camerawork and the performances were at best lacklustre, with only Jolean putting a modicum of effort into her scene. As for the dialogue and 'scene setting', these were ridiculous to the extreme - lost Frenchmen and Cubans wandering around girls' houses looking for camels!!! Very uninspiring film - doing the ironing is a bigger turn-on.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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