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Released: 2004
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films
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Notes and Reviews

Hats off to Phil Barry for this ambitious attempt at a porn feature that carries on the Cathula franchise. Phil plays Marnish, one of the undead since his wife, Jane Whitehouse, perished at the end of Cathula 1. The opening titles feature clips from the first film and now we find Phil digging up Cathula's (Cathy Barry) coffin to take it to a place of safety. He is also searching for an ancient book belonging to an ancient clan of vampires, which does give the film a narrative theme but seems a bit superfluous.

On the way the guys grab April off the street and take her as a sacrifice to Cathula's final resting place. Guardian Ian Tate uses April's blood to wake Cathula who's naturally gagging for a shag. Naked sex in the dungeon including anal.

Meanwhile Marnish is on the lookout for more fresh meat and returns with Donna Marie who he drugs. She seems to hallucinate a group sex scene with Cathula, Angel-Long, Frazer Fox, Ian, Neil Ford and Demitri. Cathy and Angel take it up the bum amongst much groaning and growling from the girls. Angel gets a DP before all the guys spray over the girls' faces who then share the cum.

Donna continues to wander around in the dark followed now by the Devil, played by self-confessed East-end gangster Dave Courtney. Donna stumbles into a room where April and Autumn are having sex watched by Donna's boyfriend. Too late, Donna urges her friend to leave, but the Devil appears and rips his heart out, then gets April and Autumn to give him a blow job. Donna is lead away by a dark girl who returns to make up a threesome on Dave's cock.

Sex mad Cathula is wanking herself when Michelle Thorne brings Donna to her mistress. Three way sex on the bed follows which ends with Cathula taking a bite out of Michelle's neck and whose lifeless body is removed by a slave. The slave then returns and fucks both girls including more reverse cowgirl anal for Cathy. Facial and cumswap.

Cathy and Angel have a night out and pick up Helen in a pole dancing club where Lynsey is performing. They return to Helen's house and have threeway sex on the sheepskin in front of the fire. Dildos all round, then the scene suddenly ends as Cathula chews Helen's neck and the action cuts to Cathula being fucked cowgirl on top of a grand piano with Donna pushing a butt plug up her pussy at the same time! Spunk over pussy which Donna licks off then, in a nod to part three, Cathula says it's not the end but the beginning as we catch sight of an ancient book on the piano.

Great sets, lighting, sfx, makeup, sound, and original music. Very good sex too, although this is dominated by Cathy and could be shared around some of the other fine porn actresses on show. Nice use of monochrome action too in some of the exterior sequences. This must easily rate as one of the best produced Britporn films ever.

Review by Bayleaf

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