< The Courier

Released: 1970s
Director: Russell Gay
Notes: loop, Mistral Films, 8 mins. Included on The Connoisseurs' Collection Edition Three, Best Of Blue Movies 8.
Notes and Reviews

1970s, soft core loop, dir. Russell Gay, Mistral Films, in a video called Connoisseur Collection 3

A brunette (NK0613) drives a man in the front seat and a teen in riding gear (NK0614) in the back seat to a stud farm (The Ferns Stud). She fondles the gear stick suggestively. On arrival the brunette goes into one of the stables with a man while the teen wanders around. Then she tries to follow them in to the stable, but the door is bolted so she goes into the adjoining one and peeps through the wall. She sees them having sex and she strips and masturbates. On the way back, the teen is sitting in the front and gets her thigh fondled by the brunette, to which she responds with a pleased smile.

Text from contemporaneous advert:

This thrilling, realistic movie explores and exposes the hidden passions of three people. When Hadley and his wife Ann first visit a riding stable with a sensual and ripe female courier, none of them knows the ride they're all in for. But it isn't long before Hadley is using the stables to good effect - and not with Ann for his 'mount'. The Courier is all she promises to be, and the long scene of wild lust in the hay is extraordinarily explicit ... it shows sex as it really is, with the coupling pair utterly exposed - not only to your view, but also to Ann's. She watches as breasts, buttocks and organs heave in total abandon. To remove her own frustration Ann does her 'own thing', with a horse as her excited audience. This film is a bombshell and packs a punch at the end that will leave you breathless.

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