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Released: 2002
Notes and Reviews

Chaptering, trailers, stills gallery, top picture quality.

Jo Hadfield visits Sarah Beattie for morning coffee. Sarah tells her of her activities the previous evening where she picked up Tyson in the pub. She begins to tell her of their activities in bed - dissolve to a flashback of those very same activities. The sound track here is actually too good as birds are clearly heard singing in the background, giving the lie to the nocturnal scenario.

Sarah's performance is up to her usual vigorous standard as she puts new stud Tyson, a hugely well-endowed black man, through his paces, including anal and cumshot over her body, part of which she scoops up and eats.

Jo is turned on by the tale and a g/g session follows, Jo using a strap-on on Sarah.

Sarah then takes Jo upstairs and reveals that Tyson is still there - recovering I presume. But he isn't left to his recuperation for long as Sarah leaves him to Jo's not-so-tender ministrations. There is no anal this time, but it is an equally vigorous scene.

A great DVD for fans of fuller-figured, more mature sex bombs.

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