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Released: 2002
Director: Lee G
Notes: West Coast
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 112 mins.

They say that everything in the States is bigger and better than in the UK. Whilst the second part of that statement may be debated, Karianna and Majella set off to America to see if the first part is correct.

Watering the lawn of his Hollywood home, Mandingo is spotted by Majella as she wanders down the street. Having seen him in the movies, Majella wants to see Mandingo's length for real. But that's not so easy as he disappears inside the house. Creeping round the back, Majella hopes to get a glimpse of his mighty member. She's in luck! Mandingo's relaxing by his pool. Yanking at his pants, Mandingo's huge prick flops out. Majella wastes no time feeding it down her throat. Stripped to her panties, she holds the dick with both hands and licks her way down to his balls. Lying back on the lounger, Majella eases the cock past her pierced pussy lips. She lets out a cry as her pussy's stretched, but she can't quite manage the whole length. Turning onto all fours, she tries again, doggy. Legs quivering, Majella lowers herself reverse onto the mighty rod and rocks. With Mandingo ready to cum, Majella jumps off to collect his load in her mouth.

Standing on the balcony of her villa, Karianna looks out over the lush Californian countryside as she contemplates Jack Napier's cock. Entering the house, she spots his tool. Taking her chance, she drops to her knees and starts to suck. Fingers grasping the girth, Karianna tongues and crams the cock into her mouth while Jack undoes her bra. Knickers off, he pulls at her pussy. She's ready to take his prick. Laid out, Karianna eases the dick into her hole. Jack starts humping, pushing her over the bed. Jack lifts Karianna up while she remains impaled on his cheb. Hanging from his neck, she bangs against his body. Dropping to all fours, Karianna wants the shaft in her arse. Jack squeezes in his member. The pair roll onto their sides, Jack moving his cock from Karianna's bum to her pussy. A few more strokes and he empties his load. Karianna fingers herself to get at his cum.

Seeing Karrianna and Majella in action is a blast from the past and both girls cope admirably with some oversized man meat. It's just a pity that the quality of the production doesn't quite match the girls enthusiasm for taking on cock. Chasing the Big Ones 13 is watchable but has it's faults.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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