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Released: 2001
Notes and Reviews

I despair at American porn; there seems to be no beginning to the taste, imagination and talent displayed. This video seems to be trying to tap into a paedophile fantasy rather than a teenage one. The theme is one of men exploiting the naivety of teenage girls by playing childish games and thereby getting them to play with the men's cocks and then proceeding to have sex for the first time. The girls are made to adopt very childish voices. However, they are not 18-year-olds pretending to be 18-year-olds pretending to be six-year olds, but 18-year-olds pretending to be six-year olds (which they obviously are not).

Scene 3 features Rebecca Lee as Flick Shagwell, and at least she fails to keep up this ridiculous pretence. I can't remember which particular game was featured in her scene, but it led on to blowjob, 4-fingers in pussy, missionary anal with four fingers in pussy. Then she puts three fingers in her bum while he fucks her pussy. Reverse cowgirl anal, doggy anal and cum in mouth conclude the scene.

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