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Released: 2001
Notes: UK4Play
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This is one extended (approx. 1 hour long) scene set in a garage.

Wendy and Rebekah, wearing shorts and white T-shirts, are washing a car. After a short while they start larking about, throwing soapy water around and generally getting each other wet (in more ways than one I suspect!). After a bit of chasing each other around the eponymous car (cue Benny Hill music?), our heroines decide to help each other out of their wet clothing which leads to a brief lesbian scene.

Meanwhile, the mechanic that is working on another car (we see him earlier in the film) decides to have a look and see what's going on. Unsurprisingly, he is invited to join in and, being a gentleman, wipes his oily hands all over the girls T-shirts. Both girls take turns to give him a (quite lengthy) blow job. The scene then follows a fairly standard pattern of combinations for a BGG scene with Wendy doing the anal.

Wendy & Rebekah attack the scene with their customary enthusiasm, but there are two problems with this video. Firstly, almost all of the action takes place on the bonnet of the car, which can often mean that it is difficult to see what's going on. I also suspect it's rather uncomfortable for the performers. Secondly, somebody stole the money shot! The scene jumps to Wendy stroking the blokes knob after he has shot his load all over them. We don't actually see him cum, and it is clearly a different bloke from the guy in the rest of the scene!?

Not a bad effort, but a pity about the end.

N.B. A shortened version of this scene is included in a compilation tape also from UK 4Play called Cock Suckin' Backdoor Slammers.

Review by Onan the Librarian

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