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Notes and Reviews
  • Extended preview of Michelle Wright's gang bang scene in Wife Watcher.
  • 'Wet Window Blues'. A brunette (Roxanne [2]) uses a dildo on herself, sitting on a couch while a window cleaner peeks from outside. A bloke joins her and gets a blowjob and then fucks her from behind. The window cleaner comes inside and joins in, getting a blowjob. Cumshot over tits.
  • Two workmen by a Spanish road. A car draws up and a woman (mature, blonde, unlisted) asks for help. They demand sex in return and she resists at first but then enjoys it. (I wish porn makers would grow out of this stupid and unimaginative scenario that only gives ammunition to their enemies.) A threesome follows by the open hatchback of the car and includes anal (doggy and reverse cowgirl), cock and two-finger DP, facials and one of the men pisses into her mouth.
  • Steve Thorpe and Sharon Paterson have sex on the couch including dildo, blowjob, fucking, anal, piss in mouth and over tits, facial. Remington Steel's voice is heard from behind the camera.
  • Previews of a Hard Cut/Adventures of Misty McCaine scene follows featuring Misty McCaine and Nicky Pearce and bloke.
  • 'Sex Report'. Misty McCaine is interviewed by Remington Steel while Phil McCavity does a glamour shoot in the background. Then Misty has a b/g scene with Simon Santana on a bed (later included in Shag Gobble and Spunk).
  • Finally there is a preview of Fuck Truck 1.

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