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Released: 1996
Director: Michelle Janssen
Notes: Belgium, title as it appears on screen
Alternate Titles
  • Cannes Stories
Notes and Reviews

Casting by Eddie Lipstick

Sex and strip scenes are linked by Michelle Janssen, at first wandering about with Roxanne Hall peeping on couples and singles, then introducing people who then have sex.

The video starts with a pool scene and a girl lying on the wooden shallow edge (Dominique in the credits probably. Palm trees and sea form a backdrop. Next is the Michelle and Roxy photoshoot at Cannes interspersed with scenes of a girl sunbathing on a boat and then swimming in the sea (Sally in the credits probably). She looks familiar but I can't place her.

Then there is an m/f scene between non-Brits (Anschana). After the French/Belgian couple the scene shifts to a white Rolls Royce coming to a stop and a blonde girl, who at first I thought was Andrea but isn't, gets out. Wearing a pink top she walks towards the property and specifically the pool. Bad continuity as all of a sudden she's wearing a yellow bikini. Proceeds to island in centre of pool with a large palm tree on it. Minor masturbation. Michelle & Roxanne watch from a balcony.

A couple are discovered by a pond with flowing water sound in background (Sandra Lester as Sandy). Starts with her giving him a BJ and proceeds as one might expect. Michelle & Roxy watch from behind some bushes.

This is followed by Michelle Janssen and Roxanne Hall spying on Andrea Clarke (Peggy) on a poolside chair wearing a pink swimsuit and then nude in the pool and under an outdoor shower - supposedly spying that is as this clip (and a later one) is almost certainly much earlier footage of Electric Blue-type material.

Then MJ and RH briefly have a lesbian scene by the pool. It is cut short when MJ invites a male over to join in. She then leaves him to Roxanne while she goes and spies on them from behind a bush.

Back to the Michelle & Roxy photoshoot at Cannes. This cuts to a girl walking down stairs outside a building then on a veranda. Naked and in a style very similar to Andrea's scenes. I suspect that this is the same girl as in the earlier boat scene. After that cuts to Michelle dressing prior to the following scene.

In the next scene MJ introduces a male friend to 'Angeline' (Michelle Wright, credited as Sylvia possibly) and they have an m/f scene on a bed to facial.

The next scene is a very short clip of a blonde girl in a pink top who I suspect is the same girl as in the Rolls Royce earlier. There is then another clip of Andrea Clarke getting out of a car, going indoors, stripping and lying on a bed threatening to masturbate, but not actually doing so.

This is then followed by the final scene with an unidentified American girl, credited as Patsy possibly. She has large breasts, a large tattoo on her left shoulder blade and a smaller one on her right shoulder blade

Additional comments from John.

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