< Convent of Sin

Released: 1970s
Director: John Lindsay
Notes: loop, Taboo, Karl Ordinez Presents, 6 mins.
Notes and Reviews

Mary Millington does not appear to be in this. Hence the '(II)'.

Bloke and girlfriend (NK0562) are on a country drive. The car breaks down (the film starts with the bloke tinkering under the bonnet). Girl points out a direction sign to a convent (it says metres, but the car seems to be on the left hand side of the road and the countryside seems English). They go to the convent. The three nuns give them a meal. The eldest nun (NK0563) takes the girl off to a bedroom. After she undresses for bed, she is seduced by the nun. This is intercut with the two younger nuns having their way with the boyfriend. One (NK0565) gives him a blowjob, then the other (NK0564) fucks him. The first then takes a facial.

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