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Released: 2011
Notes: Bluebird Films, widescreen
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Running time: 127 mins.

Armed with sledge hammers, crow bars and chain saws, a gaggle of bikini clad girls, including Shawna Lee, Carla Cox, Kortney Kane and McKenzie Lee, cause havoc as they go round destroying cars and homes in acts of wanton vandalism. After the girls 'special renovation' treatment, the owners are offered sex as compensation.

In the first two scenes Shawna and her crew wreck some guy's prize and joy - his car. By the time they're finished it's only good for the scrapyard.

Two guys sit at home watching the TV when McKenzie and three of her bikini clad posse burst in. The boys cower in the corner as bookshelves, computers and tables fall victim to the girls' axes. McKenzie and Jessica James are left to sort things out with their victims. Releasing her boobs from her bikini, McKenzie slithers out of her bottoms. Dropping onto the sofa, she pulls a prick from one guy's pants and starts to suck. Lying back, she orders him to start fucking her. With her boot clad legs in the air, he bangs into her pussy. Shuffling along the sofa, McKenzie leans over the arm to be taken from behind. She falls back on to the guy and rides him reverse. Alternating between missionary and spoons, the guy hammers into McKenzie's damp hole. Sitting up, she catches his cum on her tits and smiles.

Just as Jessica forms a backdrop to McKenzie's scene, the tables are turned with glimpses of McKenzie over Jessica's shoulder as she's screwed.

The scenes and the presentation of Bikini Warriors are unconventional. Shards of flying glass and splintered wood as girls in bikinis wield heavy hammers is not generally what one expects. The shooting of two scenes, on the same set at the same time but from different perspectives, is also unusual. For those with a mad urge to put an axe through a plasma TV during sex, Bikini Warriors is the film for you.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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