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Released: 2009
Director: Bobby Manila
Notes: Reality Junkies
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Running time: 118 mins.

When patients patience runs low, the nursing staff at Bobby Manila's hospital are always there with a helping hand. Nurses Kenzie Marie, Abbey Brooks, Christa Moore, Jenny Hendrix and British secondee Sophie Dee, are all willing to climb into bed and cavort to calm things down.

Attached to a drip, Jack calls out for assistance. Sophie appears from behind a screen, wearing a short white uniform, to see if she can help. Pulling down Jack's sheet, Sophie decides a bed bath is in order and starts her work with a big, damp sponge. Her rubbing makes Jack's cock twitch. It grows even bigger as her boobs dangle down over Jack's face. Not wanting to waste a stiffy, Sophie licks the end and traps it between her tits. Dropping her knickers, Sophie climbs into bed. Jack tongues and fingers her pussy as she swallows his length. Her grubby white socks hanging off her feet, Sophie crouches over Jack's cock and slowly sinks down its length. Leaning forward, her big boobs bounce and sway as she rides. Pushing Sophie on to her hands and knees, Jack enters her from behind. She's turned onto her back as the banging continues. Sophie wants her new boobs christened. Jack jerks his jizz over her tits.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with the girls' performances, the scenes are much of a muchness in this make believe hospital. The only slight variation is Jenny, who climbs onto the operating table with a male nurse while cleaning the theatre, although the prognosis is the same: a shot over the tits. Big Breast Nurses is fine to watch a scene at a time, but any more than that and it's a bit repetitive.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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