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Released: 2009
Notes: Brazzers
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Running time: 177 mins. + 34 min. bonus scene

As with other Brazzers films, Big Tits at School 7 kicks off with an extended 6 minute title sequence showing a brief synopsis of the five scenes plus an 'all-new, made for this movie' bonus section. Over the course of the film we see acrobatic Angelina Ash, who will do anything to get her grades from the PE teacher, and two separate scenes where Cherokee and Jodi Bean are members of staff keen to give their pupils some hands-on experience.

Delta White has travelled to the States to finish her education, but failed to revise for her exams. Hiding the answers in her bra, she hopes to cheat, but eagle-eyed invigilator Kieran Lee spots what's going on. Dismissing the room, Kieran keeps Delta back. Bending her over his lap, he spanks her bum, which to his surprise she appears to enjoy. Unbuttoning her blouse and bra, Delta asks if there's anything she can do to keep the marks. Kieran pulls and squeezes at her tits. Her knickers down, Delta feels Kieran's tongue on her arse. A trickle of spit runs over her pussy. Lying flat out on the desk, she finds her face level with Kieran's cock. She starts to suck as her fingers caress his balls. Legs spread, Delta experiences the full force of Kieran as he hammers in deep. She cradles her joggling boobs against each thrust. Rolling onto her side, the pounding continues. Kieran picks Delta up. Hanging from his neck, she bangs down on his length. Kieran drops onto his chair with Delta grinding on his lap. Boobs pressed into the desk, Delta is fucked doggy. She spins to collect his cum on her face.

It seems strange that two British stars should have to go to America to shoot this scene, but that's the way of the adult industry. The scene which features them is, like the rest of the film, well made and full of hot action. While Delta only appears once in the movie, Kieran turns up in two other scenes, changing from teacher to pupil. For those who think tight blouses and white socks isn't for them, Big Tits at School 7 is as much about 'mature' girls playing teachers as it is the 'younger' pupils. This film is worth a watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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