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Released: 2009
Director: Steve Perry
Notes: Bluebird Films / Private, additional cast members on cover appear in Vol. 2
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 106 mins.

Watching the extensive title sequence of Ben Dover's Yummie Mummies, you may be surprised to find more than half the girls featured don't actually appear in the film. Of the twelve girls named, only Georgina Smith, Mandy Milton, Rebecca Smyth, Victoria Brown and the American Demi Delia make an appearance in Volume 1 of Ben's new movie.

The film doesn't get off to an auspicious start with Victoria Brown being 'decapitated' at the start of her scene. Eventually, Victoria sits on Ben's sofa to chat and the whole of her body comes into view, jerkily zooming into close-up. Slipping off her jacket, Victoria reveals her purple striped basque and tight black dress, laced up the back. As Ben fondles Victoria's boobs, she places her hand on his crotch. The pair head upstairs to meet Pascal and Jay. Victoria stops on the way to lift her tits from her top and have a quick suck on Ben's cock. Pulling her panties aside, Victoria gives a flash of her snatch. The boys move in to lick and finger. Kneeling, Victoria sucks on Jay's prick as she's taken by Pascal. As she rides the boys cowgirl, Ben stretches and probes Victoria's arse. Some hard pussy hammering from the three follows, along with some double-dick action. Victoria crouches to collect the boys' cum on her face.

Visiting Ben, pregnant Rebecca Jane Smyth is a yummy mummy to be. Unbuttoning her black blouse, Rebecca eases her heavy breasts from her bra and lifts her skirt to show her swollen stomach. Ben moves in to bite at Rebecca's big brown nipples and caress her body. Stripping to her black stockings and knickers, Rebecca lies on the sofa. An application of oil is poured onto Ben's dick then rubbed over her boobs. Ben probes and pulls at her pussy as his cock is sucked. Parting Rebecca's legs, he slips in. Keni arrives to join in the action. Shirt and pants off, he shoves his staff into Rebecca's mouth. Pressing her nylon clad feet against Ben's prick, Rebecca wants to be fucked. A session of missionary and cowgirl follows before the boys shower her face and boobs with cream.

Having missed her train, Mandy arrives at Ben's rural retreat in the dark. He quickly ushers her inside to meet Pascal. The boys admire Mandy's white blouse and short black skirt. She bends forward to give a peek of her stocking tops. Lifting Mandy's skirt, Pascal runs his fingers over her bum and between her cheeks as she releases his prick from his pants. As she sucks away, Jay joins the boys, shaft at the ready. Kneeling between the three, Mandy's mouth moves from cock to cock. Dropping on to all fours, Pascal eases in doggy. Jay places her on the sofa to be fucked. Mandy's blouse is undone and the guys play with her pierced nipples between bouts of banging. Having shagged the boys on the stairs, Mandy is taken to Ben's studio for some double-dick action. One-by-one the guys fire their loads into Mandy's open mouth.

Tony has brought tweed suited Georgina Smith to Ben and Pascal's place for a shoot. Lighting a cigarette, this sophisticated lady demands a good shagging. Peeling off her jacket, Georgina hopes the three are ready for action. Skirt off, whisps of hair protrude from Georgina's black panties. Ben is in heaven. Boobs out of her black top, Georgina's tongue gently works its way over the boys' dicks. She takes Pascal's prick between her lips. Legs spread, Pascal fills the hairy muff. Georgina drops on her hands and knees to be fucked doggy as she sucks dick. A little reverse cowgirl and spoons and Pascal shoots over Georgina's face. The other boys haven't finished. After riding Tony, Georgina wants to be taken in the arse. Leaning forward, Tony bangs into her bum. The two tumble back. Ben jerks his jizz into Georgina's mouth and Tony adds his load to her face.

Returning from the States, Kieran Lee has brought Ben a present. Not the normal duty free, but Demi Delia - a yummy mummy desperate for dick.

Over the years, Ben Dover has developed a style of filming which combines 'slightly wobbly' hand held footage with more conventional shots and Yummy Mummies follows this convention. Slightly annoying though it is, frame markers, battery levels and the 'mandatory' record symbol are superimposed throughout the film. A visual reference at the start of each scene would have been sufficient to indicate that it was shot POV. Ben has also changed from the cheeky chappie next door, out for fun with his camera, to a tad more lecherous character out for gratification. He just about pulls it off with most of the girls in the film. However, with Rebecca it does appear a little seedy.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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