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Released: 2008
Director: Dale de Bone
Notes: Bang Bros.
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Running time: 150 mins.

Natalie Heck joins Veronica Rayne, Rachel Roxx and Eve Angelina on a trip to Dale de Bone's luxury penthouse apartment in Florida. Set against the stunning backdrop of Miami harbour, each of the girls ends up being filled with cum in five 30 minute scenes.

The camera pans up Natalie's legs as she sits on a white leather sofa at the start of the second scene. Chatting to cameraman Dale, she caresses her boobs under her tight white top, then eases one out to play with. A guy appears. The bulge in his pants is level with Natalie's face. She pushes him back and tugs at his trousers. Casting aside her knickers, she sits on his face and flops forward onto his cock. His struggles subside as she starts to suck. The two roll over. The guy teases Natalie's clit and thrusts in his dick. She gets a fit of the giggles as the cameraman urges the pair on. A finger is slipped into Natalie's bum. She wants his cock in there. The guy jabs away at her arse. Moving his length back into her pussy, Natalie slowly gyrates. She lies back as the pace quickens. The guy's balls twitch as he fills Natalie's pussy with spunk. Running her fingers through the cum, she licks them clean.

Avoiding the usual clichéd build-ups, the scenes in Big Tit Cream Pie are simply and cleanly shot. The format throughout the film remains the same, but great use is made of the views across the water from the apartment balcony. Big Tit Cream Pie is a crisp and refreshing 2½ hours, with great girls and hot action.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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