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Released: 2009
Director: Kendo
Notes: Daring
Alternate Titles
  • Femmes & Ouvertes
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 104 mins.

From its carefully crafted black and white and soft focus shot opening titles, it's obvious Beautiful Milf could be another Kendo classic and watching the film you won't be disappointed. Clever camerawork and use of colour, combined with excellent editing and a strong cast, including Winnie, Mandy Bright and Lisa Sparkle, make this visually stunning.

For the final scene, we find a crimson clad Tanya in a white tiled room. Her hands caress her boobs as a series of images flash by. Sinking to the floor, she is reflected in a full length mirror as her fingers play with her pussy and arse. The scene changes to a red painted room with a checkerboard floor. Tanya waits in her sexy lingerie, a string of pearls round her neck. Clark appears and she drops to her knees. Tanya's tongue explores the head of his cock and she slowly moves her lips down his length. Lying back on a black and silver sofa, Tanya opens her legs to let Clark lick her clit. Smiling, her hands move to her breasts as Clark enters her. Turning over, Tanya's tits gently sway as she is fucked doggy. The two collapse into spoons. Holding Clark, Tanya jerks his load into her mouth and runs the spent cock round her lips.

Kendo has again shown he is one of the most creative and imaginative directors working today. His use of imagery and an atmospheric soundtrack to complement the action makes Beautiful Milf head and shoulders above almost everything else available and one of the best MILF films going.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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