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Released: 2009
Director: Nica Noelle
Notes: Sweet Sinner
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Notes and Reviews

Running time: 134 mins.

The story line and scenario for Nica Noelle's The Babysitter is nothing new. Magdalene and her husband, Jay Crew, have invited Nicole Ray over to mind their kids while they go out for a romantic meal. The boyfriend pops round and the inevitable happens. After listening to Heather Silk tell tales of the romps she's had with the guy she baby sits for, Nicole wants to see what it's like with an older guy. Jay fits the bill.

Preparing to go out, Magdalene sits on the edge of the bed in her red evening dress. Jay comes in to see if she's ready. Kissing, the two fall back on the bed. They have some time before the meal and make use of it by having some fun. Magdalene's dress rises up to reveal the tops of her black stockings. Undoing his shirt, Jay caresses her body and eases her boobs from her bra. Easing down his pants, Magdalene licks at Jay's prick, then takes his length in her mouth. Her dress off, she spreads out on the fawn bedspread. Jay laps at her clit. Magdalene moans as Jay's damp cock enters her pussy. Wrapping their arms round each other, he pumps away. Turned onto her stomach, Magdalene is bonked from behind. She rolls back to finish the session, missionary. Pulling out, Jay squirts his load over Magdalene's pussy, then fingers her until she climaxes.

Filmed against a backdrop dominated by sepias and browns, the sex in The Babysitter is rather like the sets; drab, uninteresting and not very well shot. Magdalene appears dour and brooding in her session with Jay and none of the performers have the chemistry needed to make the action work. Dull sex and an over used plot dooms The Babysitter to the 'do not watch again' pile.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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